Sorry for the inconvenience but the 11:15am-12:15pm session will be canceled today as we will be getting a mat delivery for our new location: 5006 Veterans Highway.  We'll be unloading 100 4X6 mats that weigh about 80lbs. each.  If you'd like to do the Mat Unload and Place Workout we're accepting volunteers at 9am.    Report to 5006 Veterans Highway, just east of the Holbrook Car Wash and the Welding Supply Store, on the south side of Vets.  There are three of us participating as of right now, but more are welcome.  Be a part of Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk history.  Be able to tell your grandchildren that you helped "build the house" of Spartan Performance.  The pain of unloading 80lb., 3/4 inch, rubber mats is temporary, the glory is forever!  Call me if you have any questions.—George



Or you can do the below workout at the usual spot during the 8:20-9:20am and 9:20-10:20am sessions as well as the regular scheduled evening sessions:

2 Shoulder Presses On The Minute Every Minute For 10 Minutes @ 65% 1Rep Max


15 minute AMRAP of:

30 Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25lbs.

30 Push-ups

30 AbMat Med Ball Sit-ups 20/14lbs.




8 Laws Of Strength Training     "…..these 8 Laws of Strength Training are as solid as an 800-pound
deadlift – and if you're not doing them, then you're probably
spinning your wheels as they determine 80-90% of your results.

Get these 8 laws down to a science, and then add whatever "almost laws" from my past article that best suit your goals."—Bret Contreras for TNation.com


Breaking Records: Lee Lipsitz    "I chose to do this meet because I love powerlifting and thought it
would be fun. I had no idea I could potentially set any records when I signed up,”
Lipsitz says. “Once I signed up for the meet, I started looking on the
(American Powerlifting Association – World Powerlifting Association)
website and stumbled across the world- and American-records listings. I
wasn't sure they were up to date and accurate, but thought I could at
least try to beat them.


At that time, the deadlift world record for her age and weight
division — she’s 47 and 148 pounds — was 305 lb. Lipsitz’s personal
record was 335 lb. Her goal then became to set a new world record.

“I didn't train specifically for this meet. I just continued to
follow Jason's programming (and) CrossFit five days a week,” Lipsitz

At the meet, she deadlifted 320 lb. with ease. After the meet, she
emailed the APA to make sure the world records listed online were
accurate. The answer was yes.

“I was stoked and proud of myself,” Lipsitz says. “I feel like I
stumbled upon it, but it has certainly validated all the hard work I
have done in the gym and in the kitchen, because most of us can't
out-train a bad diet
by Keka Schermerhorn for CrossFit Community

(Note:  the bold type above is my emphasis—-George)


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  1. George

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    The storm placed quite the obstacle on forward progress, but this shall pass.
    We’re excited!

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