12X2 Sumo Deadlifts @65% 1 Rep Max-rest 45 seconds


21-15-9 of:

Thrusters 135/95#

Chest To Bar Pull-ups




In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy there are a great many people who'll need a helping hand with various things to include home repairs, a place to live, a place to shower or get warm and a place to get a hot meal.  Many of you have been helping out, inviting people without power to eat at your home, stay warm and charge their cell phones.  Some have been helping out with things like roof repairs.  For this I commend you.  In bad times the only people we can really depend on is good friends and good community. With the gas shortage most people don't want to travel other than what is absolutely necessary.  This is completely understandable.  One of our own could use your help if you are out and about.  Dan from Supreme Blends in East Islip has seen a drastic drop-off since the storm and following gas shortage.  If you're near East Islip and need a healthy bite to eat, a protein shake or are looking to replenish your supplements please keep Dan in mind.  Thank you!–George

Supreme blends

Dans supreme blends


Lies We Tell Ourselves    "You’re not super-human, or elite, or gifted with an uncommon amount of
willpower. You’re just stuck in the vicious cycle of a stress addiction
loop. Because for a really long time, the stress you are creating for
yourself feels really good. Which makes you think that
what you’re doing is good for you. But it’s not, because your behavior
is creating inflammation in your brain and disrupting your brain
chemistry, adrenals, thyroid, and probably sex hormones, too. And pretty
soon, you’ll be in a position where the only way you can feel normal
(not even happy, just normal) is to create just a
little more stress for yourself. And then more. And then even more.
(Does this sound like an addiction concept called “tolerance?”) And the
more you perpetuate this behavior, the more your health, happiness, and
quality of life take a sharp decline
."—Whole9 (Dallas and Melissa Hartwig)

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