7 Weighted Pushups on the minute for 10 minutes


5 rounds for total working time of:

12 Front Squats 135/95lbs.

10 Pull-ups

8 Burpees

6 Clean & Jerks 135/95lbs.

rest 1 minute

Notes: Weighted pushup sets should be unbroken.  Use a weight that will facilitate doing your sets unbroken.  Bumper plates will be used to provide the weight.









Here's the plan folks: 
On Saturday after the regular scheduled workouts, roughly 1:15pm, we're
going to move as much of the gym as possible, if not everything, to the
new location.  The more of you that show up the faster we'll get this
done.  Any help is appreciated.  No job is too small.  Please call or
email me…or comment in the COMMENT section that will appear when you
click on the word "Comment" at the very bottom of the post, letting me
know if you are participating.  (The word "Comments" is in between the
words "Permalink" and "Trackback")

If we have the proper vehicles (read: BIG and POWERFUL)
preferably with a BIG trailer I'd like to move the mats that are on the
floor in the current location to the new location.  Moving these mats is
a workout unto itself.  There are 33 mats and they weigh about 80lbs.
each.  That's about 640lbs. over a TON!

I also plan on moving the pull-up bars.  Removing them from
the wall and transporting them to the new gym.  Anyone with the tools
and skill set to mount them will be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to
recruit the craftsman who forged the pull-up bars and mounted them with
his own hands, but I'm not sure of his availability.  Having such skill
and tools makes one very in-demand, you know.

According to Mapquest
the new location is 1.25 miles away or 2 minutes away and will cost you
approximately 21 cents in gas.  (It's less if you walk there since you
won't have to go to the turnaround, but you'll probably move faster in
your vehicle))  The address is 5006 Veterans Highway, Holbrook.  0.2
miles past Grundy Avenue on the south side of Vets.  It's located just
after the Holbrook Car Wash and the Welding Supply store in the same complex as Debbie's Gym For Children and Denton Advertising (Printing).

Be a part of Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk history. 
When your grandchildren ask you what you were doing toward the end of
2012 you'll be able to tell them that you were a part of the CrossFit RevolutionThe pain of moving to a new gym is temporary…THE GLORY IS FOREVER!

One way or another we are officially starting training in the new facility on Monday, November 12th 2012. 

Suggestions, ideas, brain-storming, comments, editorials,
issues and concerns are all welcomed and, in fact, encouraged!  Please
run them by me.  I'm certain I didn't think of everything and I know we
have lots of creative people in our box.

That's all I can think of for now.

What questions do you have?


Thank you to those who have volunteered so far!


Make A Difference

"Not long ago, I read this wonderful line from Karen Armstrong’s  “The Battle for God:”

“Myth was regarded as primary; it was concerned with what was thought
to be timeless and constant in our existence. Myth looked back to the
origins of life, to the foundations of culture, and to the deepest
levels of the human mind. Myth was not concerned with practical matters,
but with meaning. Unless we find some significance in this world, we
mortal men and women fall very easily into despair.

 For me, my “myth” is my mission. I will share it with you:

Make a difference.

That’s it. Every decision I make, I stop for just a second and ask
myself how many people can I help. You need to take some time to figure
out your mission statement, too. Keep it simple, but remember that you
need something that reaches back to your deepest levels. It has to be
something that keeps you coming back."-
Dan John

Can Women Pull Their Own Weight?   "When I started challenging clients to achieve a specific performance
metric such as doing a certain number of full-body pull-ups, I began to
notice their focus shifted from how they looked in the mirror toward
meeting the physical challenge presented to them. As clients improved
their pull-ups they also increased strength and definition in the upper
back, shoulders and arms. The client would be so focused on improving
pull-up technique that before long he or she developed the muscular arms
and V-taper to the back they wanted in the first place
."—Pete McCall


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  1. i will teaching takedowns till 130. I can help for a bit, Lis and I have an engagement party to attend. Not sure when we’ll have to be there but I am betting I can help out, even if its packing a trailer at our current location for a little amount of time. YEAH GEORGE!

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