12X2 Sumo Deadlift @ 70% 1 rep max


As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 7 minutes:

15 kettlebell swings 32/24kgs.

15 box jumps

15 squats


Melissa E.





Today's the day!  The 12pm-1pm session will be the last CrossFit session we do at the space we share with Vamos Martial Arts.  Sometime after 1pm we'll be packing a truck and our private vehicles and moving to our new location which according to Mapquest is 1.25 miles away or 2 minutes away and will cost you
approximately 21 cents in gas.  (It's less if you walk there since you
won't have to go to the turnaround, but you'll probably move faster in
your vehicle))  The address is 5006 Veterans Highway, Holbrook.  0.2
miles past Grundy Avenue on the south side of Vets.  It's located just
after the Holbrook Car Wash and the Welding Supply store in the same complex as Debbie's Gym For Children and Denton Advertising (Printing).

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Chris and Alex Vamos for giving us the opportunity to run Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk out of their martial arts school.  We started, in Holbrook, in February of 2009.  Three more months and we would have been with Chris and Alex for 4 years!  The time went by quickly.  Lisa and I met and became friends with a great group of Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioners and kickboxers, many who never worked out with us and some who did.  Special thanks to the Vamos staff: Ronnie, Joe S., Mike M., Stone, and George L.  It was great training next to these gentlemen.

Shortly after the last session we'll load up the truck and vehicles, transport to 5006 Vets and unload.  There are enough volunteers to make this go smoothly!


The Push Press    "It won't make the history books, but it's a sad fact nonetheless
that a generation of misguided trainees (and sadly, many therapists)
basically decided that pressing heavy weights overhead leads to
messed-up shoulders and shortened lifting careers.

were wrong. And thanks in part to thinking man's coaches like T
Nation's Christian Thibaudeau, Mark Rippetoe, and Jim Wendler, the
overhead press (or simply "the press") has reclaimed its rightful
place among upper body exercises that every serious weight trainer
should be doing."
Chris Matsui for TNation.com

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