The 6:30-7:30am session is canceled for today (Thursday) and tomorrow (Friday).  Please be advised.  All other sessions are going on as scheduled.

10 minutes of free standing and wall handstand practice




Deadlift (225/150#)

Handstand Push-ups

For time


YEAH MEAGAN!  Last night Meag joined the ever-growing ranks of strong Spartan Performance women who can do Rope Climbs!  Congrats Meagan!  Meag was barely able to get off the ground when she tried to climb recently, but last night good technique met raw determination and SHAZAM….she climbed to the rafters easily.



Here's the plan folks:  On Saturday after the regular scheduled workouts, roughly 1:15pm, we're going to move as much of the gym as possible, if not everything, to the new location.  The more of you that show up the faster we'll get this done.  Any help is appreciated.  No job is too small.  Please call or email me…or comment in the COMMENT section that will appear when you click on the word "Comment" at the very bottom of the post, letting me know if you are participating.  (The word "Comments" is in between the words "Permalink" and "Trackback")

If we have the proper vehicles (read: BIG and POWERFUL) preferably with a BIG trailer I'd like to move the mats that are on the floor in the current location to the new location.  Moving these mats is a workout unto itself.  There are 33 mats and they weigh about 80lbs. each.  That's about 640lbs. over a TON!

I also plan on moving the pull-up bars.  Removing them from the wall and transporting them to the new gym.  Anyone with the tools and skill set to mount them will be greatly appreciated.  I'm trying to recruit the craftsman who forged the pull-up bars and mounted them with his own hands, but I'm not sure of his availability.  Having such skill and tools makes one very in-demand, you know.

According to Mapquest the new location is 1.25 miles away or 2 minutes away and will cost you approximately 21 cents in gas.  (It's less if you walk there since you won't have to go to the turnaround, but you'll probably move faster in your vehicle))  The address is 5006 Veterans Highway, Holbrook.  0.2 miles past Grundy Avenue on the south side of Vets.  It's located just after the Holbrook Car Wash and the Welding Supply store in the same complex as Debbie's Gym For Children and Denton Advertising (Printing).

Be a part of Spartan Performance/CrossFit Suffolk history.  When your grandchildren ask you what you were doing toward the end of 2012 you'll be able to tell them that you were a part of the CrossFit RevolutionThe pain of moving to a new gym is temporary…THE GLORY IS FOREVER!

One way or another we are officially starting training in the new facility on Monday, November 12th 2012. 

Suggestions, ideas, brain-storming, comments, editorials, issues and concerns are all welcomed and, in fact, encouraged!  Please run them by me.  I'm certain I didn't think of everything and I know we have lots of creative people in our box.

That's all I can think of for now.

What questions do you have?



No To Squats And Barbell Rowing

I enjoy watching the squabbling that goes on, in the fitness community, over what is effective and what isn't.  Good trainers and good athletes get results in different ways.  Who am I to say one method is "bad" while another method is "the way".  I also enjoy reading Ben Bruno and many of the other TNation writers because they are knowledgeable and they make sense.  Most of them are not fans of CrossFit, but that doesn't mean they don't have something to offer.

This article supports a conversation I was having yesteday where I was commenting that I don't believe every single lift out there is good for every single person.  We all have different builds, different injuries, etc. that make exercise selection a personal issue, especially when it comes to lifting heavy or doing high reps.

We just have to be careful not to get caught in the trap of believing something isn't for us because we aren't "good" at it immediately.  Have patience and keep an open mind.–George


P.S.–If there is a highlighted word that contains an advertisement I did not place it there.  There is some nifty spyware out there doing this.  Internet Geek Superheroes I'm calling on you!

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  1. Meagan Hasemann

    I’ll be there to assist with the move. I will ask my brother if I can borrow his trailer.
    Thanks for the post today George!!

  2. Joanne Paye

    BTW Stephanie wants to know when the kids classes start now that you are in a new facility???? LOL!! She’s looking forward to that.

  3. George

    You’re welcome Meag and thanks for volunteering!
    Mark–I’llcall you tomorrow if that’s ok? We may not need it, but you’re always welcome to help out. thanks, I appreciate the offer. You can take your trees back now. LOL.
    Joanne–Good! Tell Stephanie after the holidays. Thanks for volunteering!

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