SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

Take 15 minutes to establish Deadlift 1rep max


1 round for time of:

30 power cleans (50% 1RM)

30 push-ups (hand release)

30 Lunge steps

30 kettlebell swings (24kg/16kg)

30 box jumps (24"/20")






Sorry..due to circumstances beyond our control we are canceling the HalloWOD and party.  We will have regular scheduled sessions on Saturday and on Halloween.  Feel free to wear your costume during the WOD on Saturday or Wednesday…or both.  ****************************************************************************************************************************


 Opening Up The Fat-Loss Playbook   "Quite honestly, I don't get it, because the research is pretty clear –
when controlling for food choices, calories, and macro's, meal
frequency is irrelevant in terms of body composition change and the
metabolic factors related to body composition change.

really just a fancy way of saying you can get equally good fat loss
results eating 6, 3, or even 2 meals a day. Since that's the case,
you can build your diet plan around your lifestyle, natural
tendencies, career demands, time, and food availability, etc.

can make the diet fit your life as opposed to the other way around.
Which strategy do you think gives you a better chance at succeeding?
Do what works for you with everything in life, not what anyone else
deems is necessary."
Nate Miyaki for TNation.com

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