SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                       CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


10 minute AMRAP:

5 hang power snatch, 70% 1RM

5 ring dips

15 sit-ups






 Get Up. Get Out. Don't Sit   "One partial explanation, however, is obvious. “The most striking
feature of prolonged sitting is the absence of skeletal muscle
contractions, particularly in the very large muscles of the lower
limbs,” says David W. Dunstan, a professor at the Baker IDI Heart and
Diabetes Institute in Australia, senior author of the Australian study,
and a pioneer in the study of sedentary behavior.

When muscles
don’t contract, they require less fuel, and the surplus, in the form of
blood sugar, accumulates in the bloodstream, contributing to diabetes
risk and other health concerns."-
Gretchen Reynolds, NY Times\


Myths Of Running: Forefoot, Barefoot and Otherwise    “None of these things were connected with performance, nor with running
economy,” Dr. Hunter said. That is good news in a way, because studies
have repeatedly shown that when people try to change their natural
running style, they tend to use more energy to cover the same distance.
"—Gina Kolata, NY Times


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