SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                          CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

15 minutes to establish 1 rep max Power Snatch


3 rounds for time of:

7 knees to elbows

14 wall ball (20/14#)

21 kettlebell swings (53/36#)



Amanda S.




The researchers at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, are published in the Journal of Obesity again for their particular interval protocol, Sprinting, Not Jogging, Sheds More Harmful Belly Fat, Study Says.  We say again because the current research used men as subjects, but in 2006 a similar experiment was performed with women.  Chris Highcock, of Conditioning Research,  blogged about the research, 8 Second Intervals For Fat Loss in 2007.  For interesting commentary on the 2006 research, also known as the Trapp Study, check out nutrition and exercise consultant, Mark Young's article in TNation, Interval Training Doesn't Work.  Young also comments on the Tabata Protocol.

The Trapp Protocol calls for 8 seconds of work, followed by 12 seconds of rest for 20 minutes–that's 60 cycles.  The research subjects for the recent experiment (with men) as well as the 2006 research (with women) were described as "sedentary".  There was also no mention of the subject's diet.  The main focus of the research was "fat loss" and not athletic performance.—George

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