SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                          CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


20 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk.


3 rounds for time of:

20 Power Cleans 95/65#
20 HR Pushups


 Mike L. did a great job on the below video from The Memorial Day Murph!  Somehow Lisa was able to pull off this workout with a tear in her right shoulder, a hairline fracture in her right hip and the plethora of problems with her right foot—while wearing a 20 lb. vest! 




Some have asked for a "video reference" for exercises.  There are a number of sources out there on the internet, but the three we like to use are:

CrossFit "exercises" and workouts    courtesy of CrossFit.com

Catalyst Athletics   especially for Olympic Lifts and the lifts to supplement the Oly lifts.  Good, brief video with clear, concise written description of each lift/exercise.

The Outlaw Way   from Outlaw CrossFit coach Rudy Nielsen's blog, some of the top CrossFit competitive athletes, following the Outlaw programming, making it look easy.

…..and if you're wondering what it looks like to Snatch 346 lbs., in real time and slow motion, study Kendrick Farris in this video:


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