SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


4 rounds for time of:

5 Hang power cleans

15 Kettlebell swings




 The Only Three Supplements You Need  "In general, you can assume that most supplements make exaggerated claims about what they do. “Because there’s such a prevailing desire for a quick fix — a silver bullet for health issues — the supplements industry can get its marketing hype well ahead of the science,” says David Katz, founder of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. But that doesn’t mean that supplements shouldn’t be part of your diet. Here are three that many doctors — supported by reams of sound studies — say every man should take."—Men's Journal

Stuff That I Read (Or Watch), And You Should To  Excellent list of blogs/websites and video that inform and educate, from Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple.  Good resource for your upcoming 30 Day Paleo Challenge!  Speaking of which…the 30 Day Paleo Challenge is looking promising as many athletes have expressed their enthusiasm to give it a go!


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