SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                               CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


Five rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
5 Back squats





****We'll be at CF Stonybrook today at 2 pm (after our regular scheduled sessions) for the CrossFit Games Open Workout 2.  If you'd like to join us let us know–you're invited!***********



Paleo 2.0: A Diet Manifesto   "That we are eating some things we are clearly inadequately adapted to seems certain, but the idea that the dietary bright line is narrow and exists at the 10,000 year mark is a cartoon view not supported by the science. I believe most of the dietary damage is due to industrial processing amplifying the effect of things that have always been around and were never good for us in the first place, even as I do believe wheat and other grains to the exclusion of animal products has been an issue for 10,000 years.

The idea that anything before 10,000 years ago is good for us, and anything that with a shorter history is bad for us is incoherent."—Dr. Kurt Harris, PaNu

Exercise Proves Amazing Rejuvenator  “We know that exercise has benefits even when humans start over the age of 65. But this study clearly shows that we can get closer to the Fountain of Youth if we start when we’re young and do moderate exercise our whole life.” Mark Tarnopolsky, professor of pediatrics and medicine, McMaster University, Canada

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