SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                         CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

1  round for time of:

20 box jumps

20 sit-ups

20 double unders

20 squats

400 meter run

20 push-ups

20 wall ball shots





5 Tips For A Bigger, Badder Overhead Press     "I've noticed that most people start with a grip that's too wide.
While it's true that a wider grip leads to a shorter range of motion
(which is usually advantageous when trying to lift heavy), going too
wide also takes you out of your 'pillar of power' – my term for an
imaginary column that runs in a straight line from your feet (which
should be hip-width), all the way up to the ceiling."
—-Dan Trink for TNation.com

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Do Squats
Sorry…I could not place a quote from this excellent article by Strength and Conditioning coach, Charles Poliquin, under the link.  It seems Mr. Poliquin has made his website "copy and paste" protected.  I reckon that's to keep the intellectual property thieves at bay.  Oh well.  You're going to have to trust me on this one….it's a good article.—George

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