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75 Power Snatch (75/50#)

Congratulations to Joe S. and Melissa!

Are Heavy Kettlebell Swings Better Than Deadlifts?    "After performing heavy swings for a solid month, I no longer see any
need to perform dynamic effort deadlifts. The heavy swing is a
superior movement in my opinion.

First, you get more hip range
of motion. Second, the double overhand grip provides a great challenge
to the grip. And third, there's a greater acceleration phase with the
swing as it's really a ballistic movement; by law the dynamic
deadlift must decelerate to come to a halt.

In fact, I like
the heavy swing better than the Olympic lifts and jump squats for
football players – it's simpler to teach and easier on the joints.
Down the road I'd like to see college football and NFL teams taking
heavy swings seriously."
—-Bret Contreras for TNation.com

[Note: Not only is there good information in this article, but you have to check it out to see what a 203lbs. kettlebell looks like!–George}


 Shin Splints    Not the most exciting topic, but Justin Lascek, of 70's Big, does an outstanding job describing what Shin Splints are and how to rehab or prevent them!  We've been hearing the words,"shin splints", after workouts with running involved.    You're welcome!–George


2012 CrossFit Games on ESPN 2 tonight from 8pm-10pm EST.  Tonight ESPN will feature the Fittest Men on the Planet competing in the events the women did on last night's episode!!  Watch or set your DVR.  

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