5 rounds for time of:

3 Turkish Get-ups, each arm

10 Deck Squats

20 Sit-ups 





Check the control Jeff displays during this TGU.  No, don't ask….we're doing this with kettlebells and dumbbells not with humans!






If You Are Fat, Stop Telling Me How To Diet!  "I’m constantly amazed by how many fitness gurus give nutrition advice that they can’t follow themselves. While recently reading a great book by a great trainer, I decided to look up some video of him online. He weighed 270 lbs and looked like he just swallowed a bathtub."—Eric Patterson for Elite Fitness Systems

Reader Mail: Dumping On Paleo Dogma, Low Carb Gurus, Psychos, & More  "I actually think there’s a lot of value in the basic “Paleo” paradigm, but you will notice I said basic. We may never know exactly what prehistoric humans around the world ate, but I think it’s fairly safe to say they didn’t eat croussants, baked beans, tofu, and Snickers Bars. All the evidence points to grains and legumes (and dairy) being very recent additions to the human diet. And it goes without saying the heavily processed and refined foods that dominate supermarket shelves are a product of the Industrial Revolution, many containing ingredients that were non-existent during the Stone Age.

What I deplore is the way this potentially valuable paradigm is distorted, twisted and/or taken to extremes by many of its so-called promoters and practitioners. The low-carb camp are the worst offenders of having attempted to hi-jack the paradigm for their own agenda. According to low- and zero-carbers, Paleolithic humans gorged on meat and fat, and ate very little carbohydrate. By making this claim, they ignore the abundant hunter-gatherer evidence showing that wherever edible plant foods co-existed with humans, they formed a significant part of the diet. Tubers and fruits are not low-carbohydrate foods, yet were an important dietary component for many primitive populations."—Anthony Colpo


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