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Gettin' MASSive With Food  We decided to post this TNation.com article by Mike Robertson and Zach Moore because it's a topic that has come up at the box lately.  Getting big is not our primary goal as "getting big" and performing better have nothing to do with each other.   The authors provide sound information and make excellent points.  Athletes need to prioritize their fitness goals.  Getting bigger may be a high priority for a football player or powerlifter, but it's probably not for a fighter, a rock climber or the average crossfitter.  Most of the the information we have read regarding putting on mass doesn't often coincide with what we have read regarding eating for optimal health, longevity and athletic performance.

Now check out Jim Bathurst's List Of Things Learned In 2009, specifically Item#5.  Jim speaks to the fact that he believes most people training DON'T EAT ENOUGH!


Krista Scott-Dixon has an informative and entertaining blog known as Stumptuous.com…Krista's into fitness and Brazilian Jiujitsu.  Her recent blog entry Ask Dr. K: Tips for Female Grapplers was aimed at women, but the advice is outstanding for anyone into grappling!  Krista also penned these articles for Grapple Arts.com: Tips For Female Grapplers: When a (Small) Girl Meets A (Big) Boy and How To Get More Women Into Grappling


7 High tech Tools For Better Primal Living  From Mark Sisson of Mark's Daily Apple

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