SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                 CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


 Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps





Our friends from CrossFit Queens are hosting a competition, The King Of Queens, on Saturday, December 17th 2011.  Click here for further info and registration.  The deadline to register is TODAY!  Local competitions are great way to prepare for the CrossFit Games or just meet and train with other CrossFitters from our region.


Congratulations to Jon!  That's him below looking right at you.  Jon did "Eva" , Rx'd in 38:36!


Get That Squat Up   "If your goal is to be strong, you're going to have to spend time under the bar. Benches are cool and deadlifts are studly, but there's something special about squats. They're arguably the hardest, and I'm not ashamed to say, the scariest of the big three lifts."Tim Henriques for TNation.com

Dazed And Confused   "I told him, “Don’t have heroes.” I never wasted my time trying to emulate someone else. What I did was bust my ass to gain approval from those I felt had earned the right to judge me."—John Welbourn, Talk To Me Johnny


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