SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                  CROSSFIT SUFFOLK


For time:

Row 500 meters, then:

4 rounds of:

5 ring dips

20 sit-ups




 The Contreras Files, Vol.1   "Maximum sports performance requires strong hips and knees so it's wise to rotate between different types of squats throughout the year, including low bar parallel, box, front, and high bar full squat variations."—-Brent Contreras for TNation.com

Why Gluten-Free Isn't Good Enough (Part 2)    "Gluten-free foods are still made with grains – they’re just grains that don’t contain gluten.  These other grains are still calorie-dense and carbohydrate-dense, promoting an unhealthy hormonal response when consumed in a “normal” serving size.  (“Recommended” serving size be damned – who eats just one small pancake for breakfast when the average restaurant order provides four?)"Badier Velji, The Lazy Caveman

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