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  1. George Demetriou


    I am so glad you asked. I will show you when I see you, but for now check this out:

    RKC stands for Russian Kettlebell Challenge, it’s one of the main kettlebell training organizations. It’s founder, Pavel Tsatsouline has since left the RKC and founded StrongFirst. So, the plank you asked about also goes by “Hardstyle” or “StrongFirst” Plank. Regardless of the name it’s a plank where you not only assume the plank position, but you use whole-body tension for the duration of holding the plank. You squeeze your hands into tight fists, keep your entire spine in perfect alignment, put a slight tilt in your pelvis, squeeze the glutes, squeeze the quads, keep your abdomen tight, and “pull” your elbows toward your toes and your toes toward your elbows.

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