John M. and Melissa D. competed as a team in the partner competition GrassFed Apocalypse at GrassFed CrossFit on Saturday.  The competition was fierce for the top 3 teams with which team was in first switching throughout the competition.  When it was all over John and Melissa had finished in second place.  John and Melissa’s effort was as great an effort as you’ll ever see in any competition anywhere!  Unfortunately Melissa was injured in the first event which caused John and Melissa to have to change their strategy for the rest of the competition.  Melissa was unable to do anything that involved hanging from a bar or rings, no pull-ups, no toes to bar, no muscle-ups.  They not only changed their strategy, they never thought they were out of the running and they never let doubt creep into their effort.  Going into the fourth event John and Melissa were tied for first with the team representing GrassFed CrossFit.  The final workout was 20 muscle-ups and 20 Steel Log Clean and Jerks, 120 lbs. for women and 180 lbs. for men.  John was forced to do all 20 muscle-ups since Melissa couldn’t hang from the bar or rings.  Melissa did all the clean and jerks with the steel log, a piece of equipment not generally used in CrossFit competitions and one that neither Melissa or John had any experience with.  John and Melissa’s display of power during this event was unreal!  They gave it everything they had and we couldn’t be more proud.

Lisa and I were also proud of the “Spartans” who showed up and gave their time and support.  We had the biggest and loudest cheering section by far.  Our supporters definitely had a hand in John and Melissa’s performance.  You couldn’t help, but be amped up by the cheering.  Thank you all!

Thank you to Chad and the GrassFed CrossFit crew for a good day of competition!

We’re off to great start in 2016.  Somebody made the observation that in every competition that CrossFit Suffolk/Spartan Performance has participated in this year we have been on the podium.  Not bad Spartans.  Not bad.





The Steel Logodin strength steel log


Workout of the Day
1X3@60% 1 rep max
1X3@70% 1 rep max
1X AMRAP@ 80% 1 rep max

NOTE: We are beginning a new cycle of the 5/3/1 Strength Program.  This is not a pure version of the 5/3/1 as written by powerlifter Jim Wendler. (We have no issue with Mr. Wendler’s program as he has intended it, but he wrote for powerlifters not crossfitters.)  It is modified for our purposes, but we have adhered to the basic tenets of the program for strength building.  We will only be doing this with 3 lifts for this cycle since the 2016 CrossFit Open will be going on concurrently.  The lifts will be the deadlift, the press and the back squat.  You are to use 90% of your true 1-rep max as your working 1-rep max during the duration of this strength cycle.

5 rounds for time of:
7 ring dips (competitors: bar muscle-ups)
15 wall ball 20/14#

20 Ab-Wheel roll outs

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Bevin

    Congratulations John and Melissa! What an awesome day it was! You two are amazing athletes and so inspiring, to so many people. Great job!

  2. lisa D

    Congrats again to John M and Melissa with that display of true Grit! we are very proud of you and happy to have witnessed it!! thank you again to all that came out to support! we are most grateful! ..wish Melissa a speedy recovery and hope John is enjoying a much deserved rest! GREAT JOB!!

  3. Ben B.

    What a great day it was! Watching Melissa and John compete and overcome unexpected adversity was truly inspiring! Just to have half that mental strength and determination would be spectacular, but what I witnessed on Saturday was nothing short overwhelming awesomeness! Congrats you two, you’re tops in my book!

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