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Holiday Schedule Feedback:

Please read the following carefully.  If you just woke up revisit this section later.  Have a cup of coffee first.  Please read what this says, NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT SAYS.  If you have any questions please contact us.

There will be 2 sessions on Thursday, Christmas Eve: 9-10 am & 10-11 am.  We will be closed on Christmas Day.

Let us know, via text or leave a comment, whether or not you can commit to training on December 26th, the Saturday following Christmas Day.  This will determine whether we will have sessions or not.

For the coming Sunday session, December 20th, we need a sign-up commitment by Thursday, December 17th, if you plan on attending the 10 am session.  Sign ups are ONLY for those who can definitely attend.

On Sunday, December 27th we will be closed.



5 MISTAKES THAT WRECK BODY COMPOSITION  While the focus of the article is body composition, the “5 Mistakes” listed in this article also have a negative affect on performance.

Workout of the Day
7 minute EMOM
Clean & Jerk
Note: Lift heavy, but not your 1-rep max

12 minute AMRAP:
5 hang power cleans 95/65#
5 burpees
10 sit-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

4 Responses

  1. lisa D

    Happy Holidays everyone I will miss seeing you all 🙁 forgive me for not being there…

    Have a very Merry Christmas….forgive and forget the bad, cherish what the present moment is giving you because as bad as you think things may be they can be a lot worse..if things are going great,AWESOME Im very happy for you either way, celebrate and appreciate what you got- life is strange one moment you have it all then next moment you can lose terribly so love and enjoy life ..this time of year is meant to be a very happy and most joyous time of celebration of Christ our lord and its NOT about gifts ..although I will admit it adds a nice touch and yes it can be stressful- just stay focused on the happy faces you love so much and spread cheer..Remember those that have lost someone close to them, call and send them love also remember those that may not have anyone to celebrate the holidays with, invite them over!!it will come back to you!! Stay strong and live you life the way you want to live.. <3 I hope to see you all before the New Year!! God bless!!! BE safe…. XOXOX

    oh and BTW like George said please sign up IF you know you ARE going to make it for sure…no excuses, dont waste the coaches time! CHEERS!! XOXOX

  2. Lenny M

    Great to hear from you Lisa! You are definitely missed!…That was an awesome speech. Hope your recovery is going well. Happy Holidays! Can’t wait till you’re back at the gym!

  3. Beth

    Lisa all the same for you – we do miss you and hope you recover quickly..but not too quickly, take care of your toes. Feel better!! I would say yes for December 26th…but George, Lisa & family deserve the days off. They have been coaching short handed and could probably use the rest!! Considering how warm the weather has been maybe someone could work up an outside the gym workout…or not and just enjoy the day!!

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