Here’s something you don’t see everyday….in over two years this is the first time Angelo has completely removed his t-shirt after a workout.  This photo will, no doubt,  be worth a small fortune some day.  Sorry, no we couldn’t get a full frontal.  When Angelo spotted our ace photographer he scurried off into the woods, not to be seen shirtless again.  



It’s about that time….


1-REP MAX= The maximum amount of weight you can lift in one repetition.  We have observed some who felt the best way to find their 1-rep max would be by doing sets of 3,4 or 5 reps.  Does this make sense?  If this makes sense to you please schedule an appointment with me for your re-education.

SETS= A round or “group” of exercises.  Usually the first number in the description of a lifting exercise, for example: 1X5.  The “one” would be the SET.  As in ONE SET of 5 reps.

REPS= Short for repetition.  Usually the second number in the description of a lifting exercise, for example: 1X5.  The “five” would be the number of reps.  As in 1 set of FIVE REPS.

COUNTING= We use the traditional method of counting where 1=1, 2=2, etc.  Counting while you are fatigued is a skill you must develop.  If you are told to do 25 reps of an exercise per round, you must do 25 reps.  It’s not a suggestion or a guideline.  It’s an order.  Don’t be a dumbass.

RX or RX’d= As Prescribed.  The workouts are written as Prescribed.  This is the highest order of workout in terms of performance.  As Prescribed is designed for the experienced.

SCALED= Modifying a workout from the Prescribed design by reducing the weight, lowering sets, lowering reps, or changing the movement becomes necessary based on an athletes experience, strength, conditioning, ability and health.  It is not a bad thing.  It is not cheating.  Everyone has had to scale or will have to scale.  Scaling DOES NOT reduce your training experience or results as long as you are working to your unique level of strength, experience, skill, conditioning and health.  Please read THIS and THIS for further information and a better understanding.

AMRAP= As Many Rounds As Possible, or, As Many Reps As Possible

ROUND= A set of exercises

WORKOUT OF THE DAY= The workout that you’ll be doing on a particular day.  Yes, it’s the same workout at night as it is in the morning.  Depending on the day there will be a strength portion.  Some days are active recovery days.  Some days are designed to push you well beyond your comfort zone.  They are all designed to train you.  We have your long term progress in mind.  There is a method to all the madness even if you don’t realize it.  Our goal is to make the world a better place by making you a better functioning human.  Please read THIS for further information.

DUMBASS= We have a reason for all that we do.  The only thing that can ruin our plan is your BETTER plan.  We will listen to your input. We will answer your questions.  Do not stray from the workout without discussing it with a coach.  We have observed athletes with a BETTER plan get injured or do things to generally set back their training.  Don’t be a dumbass.

COMMON COURTESY:  We like a bit of chaos every now and then, but generally we operate in a system of order.  It’s better for safety.  I have a long list of rules I must type out.  Honestly, a part of me doesn’t want to post a list of RULES.  I just don’t like it posted.  I may have to revisit this idea.  In the meantime I’m requesting that you exercise common courtesy.  WE ARE EXTREMELY PLEASED THAT MOST OF YOU EXERCISE COMMON COURTESY ALREADY!  Thank you!  A very few need extra attention.  Please put your equipment away when done.  Put it back where it belongs.  If you don’t know please ask.  Please CLEAN YOUR DNA (this includes sweat and whatever other stuff may come from inside you), whatever it may be or wherever it may be.  We have a plethora of cleaning implements and cleaning agents.  If you need and you don’t know please ask.

Oh..and for the love of all that is good in the world…KEEP YOUR HANDS IN THE CHALK BUCKET WHILE APPLYING CHALK.  Do no use it excessively.  Wipe it off the floor or off the equipment that you use.  A few years back we banned chalk from the gym for a month because a few couldn’t be bothered with cleaning after themselves.  I’m toying with the idea of another chalk ban.  I don’t use chalk so I don’t mind.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY:  We absolutely love helping people and watching the progress and development of our members.  We cannot manage your lives however.  Your progress and development has much to do with what’s happening in your life when you’re not in the gym.  Your training consistency is entirely up to you.  We cannot manage your schedule.  Your recovery is entirely up to you.  Making good decisions about nutrition, sleep and other health habits is entirely up to you.  Your results will largely be determined by your consistency, your work ethic and your ability to recover.  If you do not understand any of this please approach us about it.  We can help you.  We just can’t make decisions for you.  Or feed you.  Or clear your schedule.

Seriously, if you need help, ask.  We have the greatest resource available: your fellow members.  We have people from all walks of life that work full time or take care of children full-time that train consistently, make healthy nutrition a priority and have an excellent work ethic and they do this with stress and chaos in their lives.

This was in no way, shape or form the Complete Glossary, but a chunk to review for now.  Hope you enjoyed.  There will be a quiz.

Just kidding about the quiz.

We welcome your questions, comments, and complaints.  —George

Workout of the Day

Power Clean

1X5@ 65% 1-rep max

1X5@ 75% 1-rep max

1X As many as possible @ 85% 1-rep max

NOTE: Use 90% of your 1-rep max as your training 1-rep max!  Establish your 1-rep max if you do not have one.  Use your last known 1-rep max if you have one.  NO, DO NOT GUESS BECAUSE “I haven’t done it in a while“.  You either have an established 1-rep max or you don’t.  “Figuring” or “guessing” is prohibited.  Proceed accordingly.  (Please read the “Dumbass” description above if you didn’t yet.)

4 rounds for time of:

25 kettlebell swings 24/16kg

15 knees to elbows

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Ben B.

    I want to be Angelo when I grow up.

    You mean I have to think about the consequences of my actions? This is bullshit!

  2. Bevin

    Excellent glossary. You should print it and hang it up 🙂

    You left out one thing which ties into dumbass, don’t be a rep cutter a/k/a rep cheater.

    Looking good Angelo

  3. Kerri W

    Would it be okay or creepy if I made that picture the background of my phone? Also Angelo knows I’m upset with him for doing this on a day that I was not around haha

  4. George

    Kelly–Thank you!

    Bevin–Thank you! Check it out again. I briefly covered it.

    Kerri–I demand a royalty fee and intellectual property rights on any and all photos I take that will be used as cell phone backgrounds.

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