We have had pizza in most neighborhoods of New York City and in both Long Island counties.  Our favorite pizza is, however, just a few minutes away.  The very best pizza/Italian food and Paleo meals can be found at Luchese’s Pizza.  The Luchese’s are not only responsible for great food but they have produced great CrossFitters as well: our very own Greg and Sal.  Please keep them in mind when you don’t feel like cooking, but want an awesome meal.  They have two convenient locations, one on Waverly Avenue in Patchogue (8 West 1st Street,Patchogue, NY 11772) and the new location on Lakeland Avenue in Sayville! (where Lakeland Avenue, Johnson Avenue and Tariff Street meet)  (Paleo meals have to be ordered 2-3 days in advance and picked up.)



BE ADVISED: There will be one dynamic, action-packed session on Saturday, the day we celebrate our Independence.  Session time is 10 am-11 am only.  Please notify us as soon as possible if you plan on attending.  There is is sign-up in the gym.  You can text me as well.

Friday’s schedule is the regular schedule.  THERE WILL BE NO SESSIONS ON SUNDAY, JULY 5TH.



Workout of the Day
NOT for time:
800 meter run
40 Russian kettlebell swings
600 meter run
30 Russian kettlebell swings
400 meter run
20 Russian kettlebell swings
200 meter run
10 Russian kettlebell swings
800 meter run

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Jen D

    Omg we went there last month for pizza and my Kids LOVED it and they are picky w their pizza (I know… How can kids be picky w pizza???… But they are!)

    And their zeppoles??? Soooooo good!

    Congrats on the new store!!! We wil def have to come visit!

  2. Richie G
    COACH! We seriously need to do this for our next Strength Back Squat Workout!! The whole thing, with the strobe lights, smoke machines, introductions, make up and outfits. I never been so excited for leg day in my life. HA!!

  3. George

    Jen and Amie–I concur! I ‘ve had the Zeppoles and the Paleo meals–everything is delicious and made fresh!

    Now I’ll watch the video Ricie posted……I’ll be back.

  4. George

    Richie–THAT WAS AWESOME!!!
    We’re definitely doing that. We have to get a strobe light and rent a fog machine. Our’s will be even better than Ball State’s because we have strong women on our team. Ball State only had dudes.

    Maybe we should do this for Halloween so we can kill two birds with one stone. Will do the Hulk Smash Squats and have a Best Costume/Makeup Contest. Oh the wheels are turning!!!!

  5. Troy

    I agree with Richie and Pops….that video is awesome and I look forward to that around Halloween time Father aka POPS 🙂

  6. George

    Richie–By the way…do you have any idea how annoying it is that you end every comment with a “HA”?

    It’s disturbing. You make me feel hostile whenever I see that silly “HA”. Can you make it a HAHA or even a HAHAHA once in a while?

    Perhaps you could place it in the beginning of the sentence or somewhere in the middle…HA.

    HA…work on that.

  7. Amanda G.

    Of course I check the website the day you guys are talking about pizza… we’ve been off the Island 3 days and I’m already dying for a slice!!!

  8. George Demetriou

    Field Trip to Luchese’s…outstanding idea!

    See what Kelly did there Richie, a “HA” in the middle of her mean statement. Now did that seem difficult Richie. Give it a try tomorrow…which will be in about 20 minutes.

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