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  1. George Demetriou

    Richie–I’m capable of helping in most situations, however, I can’t fix stupid. Plus, why would I want to? I’m fairly intelligent, but next to this guy I’m a rocket scientist, Jeopardy-Champion! We need guys like this for when we do stupid things. We can always point to Mr. I’m-So-Drunk-I’ll-Knock-Myself-Out-While-Throwing-A-Kick-At-A-Stationary-Target and say,”What I did was stupid, but at least I’m not as stupid as THAT guy.

    On a positive note that young man in question really committed to the kick–we have to acknowledge that. No half-steppin’ for that genius. Also, he was intelligent enough to empty his pockets. The $2.00 and a used napkin would have really weighed him down and restricted his movement, so he’s not that dumb. Lastly, the Kicking-Superstar was kind enough to make the young lady he’s with look better at kicking prowess than he was. Smooth. Well played Bruce Lee. I’m sure she found the Kicking Fool adorable as he lay slumped like a wasted pile of protoplasm with drool spilling out of the corner of his mouth. Yes–well played indeed.

    Thanks Richie–I can always count on you to present something for me to rant about.

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