Workout of the Day
30 minutes of:
100 meter run
3 ring dips
7 Russian kettlebell swings
10 sit-ups

The goal is to keep moving, but not max-out your heart rate.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

13 Responses

  1. Kelly R


    I disagree with the article.
    Well here’s my version for those that want to read:

    A cult is defined as:
    1. A system of religious veneration & devotion directed to a particular figure or object .
    ( hmm?? I would say the object here would be the barbell or simply your Crossfit box as a whole )
    2. Misplace or excessive admiration for a particular perso or thing. Also defined as ” obsession with ” ” passion for ”
    ( hmmm?? )
    3. Synonyms include: group, movement, persuasion

    So yes CrossFit is a community but let’s face it, do I dare disagree and say yes it’s a cult.

    Oh and I think all members of this “cult” are awesome!

    Interesting read thanks

  2. George

    Good morning Kelly and everybody else reading this before noon,
    I’m going to use the CrossFit founder’s own words as a response:
    “crossFit can’t be a cult because we don’t recruit and we don’t give a shit if you leave.”

  3. George

    Richie–That was disturbing on so many levels. First of all how did you come across that? Second, besides getting youtube attention what purpose would this serve? Where in sport or in real life is such stupidity necessary? Look at that dude’s hair…who wants their hair like that?

    Before you tell me you were only joking…don’t tell me you were only joking. Do not deny me the opportunity to make you feel bad about yourself…ever. If it weren’t for you I’d never get to exercise my mean-spirited side and for this I thank you.

    Good day sir!

  4. Kelly R

    Richie I don’t even know what to say but I can’t stop laughing!!!

    Good response George to my cult theory laughing at you too

  5. John H

    Two things
    1) I want to go to Matts 30th and I want that chick I married to go so who is ever Facebook friends with her tell her you want to meet the woman behind the most influential Spartan to ever step…. Just help a brotha out what
    2) kelly walks… Can we call them jelly walls or better yet just can we refer to you as jelly…cause I keep getting autocorrected

  6. George

    You’re cracking me up…I didn’t spit my food out, but I laughed pretty hard nonetheless.

    A few things:
    1) I’ll contact Ms. Kimberley and explain how imperative it is that SHE is at Matt’s party. You’re welcome.

    2) I hear you on the auto-correct thing, but I just don’t think Kelly will appreciate the “Jelly” moniker. It just doesn’t suit her. And “jelly walls” can’t really exist in our world so that concept is just plain silly.

    3) Maria was indeed a TKA song. There is no truth to the rumor that our Maria was the inspiration for the song and any similarities are completely coincidental.

    That is all.

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