Matt: 485 lbs. Deadlift with a 2″ diameter (“fat”) bar



BE ADVISED:  The Fat Bar was thought to be 25 lbs.  Our mistake and for this we apologize….the Fat Bar actually weighs 20 lbs.  Make a note and adjust your weight for this month’s Challenge.


Birthday Party Bash

PARTY ALERT****….Matt will be turning 30 soon so Denise is throwing him a party.  Guess what?  All CrossFit Suffolk members in good standing are invited!  The party will be held on June 20th at 4 pm until “LATE“.  THAT’S THIS SATURDAY! The party will be held at Matt and Denise’s home, more specifically, their backyard.  It’s in Ronkonkoma.  That’s all your getting out of me on this blog.  You need to call or text Denise if you plan on attending.  The house address and Denise’s phone number will be available at the gym.  If you call or text me I will pass along the address and Denise’s phone number, but you still need to notify Denise.    —George



Workout of the Day

Clean & Split Jerk with 3-second pause in split
1X2@70% 1-rep Max

Power Cleans 95/65#
Handstand push-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

11 Responses

  1. Matt

    Thanks George for the post! Yes everyone is welcome to come to the party. Going to be a good time with food, drinks music and of course some can jam and corn hole.

  2. George Demetriou

    You’re welcome Matt!

    Can jam and corn hole…wow..I realize this a Birthday Party and not a Bachelor Party, but perhaps this would be a better announcement:

    Not that we would support such things, but you’d probably get more people to go rather than the promise of can jam or corn hole.

    (Totally joking…relax people)

  3. Kelly R

    Where’s Katy!?

    I just told Katy last night I feel old going to matts 30th now with the talk of can jam and corn hole, it’s confirmed!

    I don’t even know what that is!
    George how the heck do you know?

    Yeah Matt awesome job!

  4. Cindy

    Love can jam and corn hole but have to work and can’t make the party….. Kelly you have to get out more…. Lol…. Happy birthday Matt ….

  5. John H

    Don’t forget dizzy bat, Jay is a pro at it
    And kelly it’s ok soon enough your kids will be playing drinking games we won’t know

  6. Beth

    Happy Birthday Matt – According to the Urban Dictionary Cornhole means something very specific – whom will be corn holing whom?

  7. George Demetriou

    Kelly–What the effing ef? Did you just call me Really Old? Firstly, I happen to be well versed in all backyard/party games through my vast worldly experience and such, and, secondly, you should recall, both can jam and corn hole were being played in the gym during the After-The Holidays Party, which you were in attendance as I recall. Ouch, by the way.

    Matt–Slip and Flip looks good, but according to the video you were kind enough to post, I don’t think any of us can play. Apparently none of us are fat enough. I’m sticking by, “Chicks and guns and fire trucks” for the party.

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