Today is the day of the Garage Games World Wide WOD:Gym Resolution.  This is a competition that is being done all around our planet at various CrossFit affiliates.  WE ARE NOT AN OFFICIAL PARTICIPATING AFFILIATE FOR THE COMPETITION, but we will be doing the three WODS informally.  This is voluntary only.  You may do one, two or all three WODS.  It's entirely up to you.  We are doing the workouts for the fun of it or to see how you measure up to the rest of the world.  How competitive you want to be is up to you.

We will run all three WODS in the same hour, every hour.  We'll do this so the folks that want to come in, get a workout in and go home within an hour may do so.  For those who can spend the time you may space out the WODS during our regular hours.  There will be about 10 minutes rest in between WODS 1 and 2, 10 minutes rest between WODS 2 and 3…if all goes well.

You'll notice that all the workouts are time capped.  This means you are done at the time limit whether you are done with the workout or not.  This does two things: It makes for better time management and it means you need to MOVE FAST!

There are 3 versions of every workout.  They go from most difficult to less difficult.  Know upon arrival which version you want to do.  If you don't have a version one will be assigned to you.

Please read the description of the WODS below so you understand what is required.  Have an idea of what you want to do when you arrive.  We'll be doing a quick warm-up, skill review and then we're getting to it.  Get it on your mind! 


“Helena” 12:00min Time Cap

RX 3rds of 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x pull ups, 100x Double Under jump rope.
Scaled 2rds 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 200x Single jump rope.
Beginner 1rds 21x 1.5pood (men)/1pood (women) KBswings,12x jumping pull ups, 100x Squats.

SCORE = time in munites and seconds to complete

KB swings – through the crotch to above the head and showing ears with extended arms
Pullups – arms fully extended at the bottom to chin over the bar.  For
Jumping pull ups the box chosen must be short enough so that your head
is at least 6 inches below the bar when standing.
Squats – open hips at the top to hip crease at or below knees at the bottom



“Karena”: 5:00 min time cap

Complete 60 situps as a “buy in” then wallballs till the clock runs out
Competitor chooses ball weight.
Throw to the normal marks (boys 10feet / girls 8feet)
There is no difference between RX, Scaled, and Beginner.
SCORE = wallball reps x ball weight

If competitor did not get to wallballs, then the score is ZERO
Any ballweight is allowed, you can not change once you start

Sit ups – abmats are fine. elbows touch knees with feet/heels on the
ground (dont lift knees to meet elbows, its a situp) to shoulders and
hands touching floor/abmat.  basically do a sit up.  Up and down full
ROM.  No anchor or pinning of the feet.  No grabbing your thy.
Wall Ball – crease of hips below knees to ball at touches at or above the target height



“Grace”: 6min cut off (time equals 6:00 if incomplete)

WOD: 30x clean (muscle, power, squat) and jerk/press/pushpress (aka
ground to overhead with a stop at the shoulders). Not a snatch, must be 2

RX men = 135#, women = 95#
Scaled men = 95#, women = 65#
Beginner men = 65#, women = 45#

Ground to Shoulders – anyhow you want as long its touching the floor and stops at your shoulders
Shoulders to Overhead – anyhow you want as long as you end with body
(knees, hips, shoulders, arms) locked out and return the bar to the
floor for the next rep.
if a beginner is doing a naked bar then simply going below the knees is fine.




Kyle and Greg




3 Steps To Getting Your Girl To Train   "The aim is to make this a lifestyle change. The gym is already a
part of your life – you have a gym bag, you dedicate time before or
after work, and you reap the benefits.

Make it a part of her
life too. Having someone alongside supporting us makes us all warm
and fuzzy inside, and makes you look like a big, bad knight in
shining armor.
"—Joy Victoria , competitive powerlifter, TNation.com


"Coaching the Clean and Jerk" with Natalie Burgener – video [wmv] [mov] [HD mov](Courtesy of CrossFit.com)


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because sometimes switching to a nutrient-dense, healthy diet isn’t
enough to reverse that damage without additional help. If you switch to a
Paleo diet but have some difficulty, don’t be alarmed. It doesn’t mean
Paleo won’t work or isn’t a good choice for you. It just means you might
need to tweak things a bit, and add a few things to your program.


That’s what this series is going to be about. After working with
hundreds of patients in my private practice, and hearing from thousands
of others from my radio show and programs like the Personal Paleo Code,
I’ve identified the three most common challenges people face when
transitioning to a Paleo diet:

  • Digestive distress
  • Low energy and sugar cravings
  • Poor detox capacity"—-Chris Kresser

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