20 minutes to establish a 1rm Clean & Jerk (any style).
Notes: This will include instructional time & practice.

5X5 Turkish Get?Up – rest 60 seconds

(Use a kettlebell or dummbell for the Turkish Get-Up.  Do Not use a human being, thank you.)


Steve M.IMG_8337


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On Saturday we'll be doing the World Wide WOD-Gym Resolution.  We are NOT an official affiliate for this workout, but we'll be doing the workouts, yes, there are three, anyway.  Click on the link so you know what's going on for Saturday. 


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  1. alex

    How will it work? Will you have specific times for each of the 3 WODs? How much time will you allow between each WOD? I guess basically what I’m asking is when I should be there and how long should I expect to be there?

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    Yeah…..like your shameless promotion of whatever product your hawking.
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