Kelsey working on knee-ups. If you haven’t been able to hang from a pull-up bar since the shutdown you have to ease back to the “pull-up bar exercises” so your hands and “pull-up muscles” get acclimated.


According to this ARTICLE Phase 2 on Long Island begins tomorrow. Unfortunately, we are NOT included in Phase 2, but hopefully, this means we are only 2 weeks away. We’ll keep you posted as we know.

There has been very little interest in the Live Clean Challenge so far.

Here are the details:

We’re going to start a fitness and nutrition challenge (Live Clean Challenge) on Monday, June 15th. We’ll be doing this with CrossFit Bayport and CrossFit Smithtown. There will be a 3-D Scan of your body to measure metrics associated with weight, body fat, lean muscle, hydration, and more, at the beginning and end of the challenge. We’ll also be using heart monitors from MyZone and the chosen diet for this particular diet is the Paleo Diet. You can get more information and the rules by clicking HERE.

This Live Clean Challenge comes at the perfect time and we’re excited about it! From speaking with so many of you recently the one common denominator everyone shared is the need to get your motivation jump-started. The challenge is perfect for motivation and now you’ll have extra incentive to improve your diet. Lastly, we anticipate opening sometime soon. This is the perfect time to kick your training and nutrition up a notch!

Let us know if this sounds good to you!

There is a fee for this Challenge: $60.00 for the Challenge itself which includes a beginning and ending 3D Body Scan and $75.00 for the MYZone Heart Rate Monitor, which is yours to keep.

If you have questions or you’re interested but cannot swing the fee please let me know. If the fee is holding you back we can always run our own challenge but it will not include any form of body fat measurement or heart rate monitor. Leave a comment or text me your thoughts or questions.

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  1. Amie

    Yes Kelsey! George I dont care what we do I just need something! ? the zone challenge we did a few years back was great too

  2. Spartan

    I’m not sure if it’s the cost of the Challenge or most people aren’t interested but whatever the reason there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of interest. The cost of the Challenge is largely out of my hands since the body scan machine belongs to someone else and not me. The cost of the MYZone heart rate monitor is actually less expensive than if you tried to purchase one on your own. This particular heart monitor is the one used by the coach who designed, prepared and hosted this challenge. I thought this would be something beneficial for everybody but I also understand not wanting to spend the money. In case you were wondering, I was getting $12.00 a person for anybody I brought into the challenge. Profit wise, it doesn’t really matter to me. The 12 bucks weren’t going to make or break me.

    Personally, I’m doing the Challenge even if nobody else does. I’d like to do it for me. I’m worth the cost of the Challenge (minus 12 bucks) and the cost of the heart rate monitor that I can get an app for and put it on display on the TV in the gym while I’m working out. I don’t need a heart rate monitor to stay in shape but I’m curious about what my heart is doing while at rest and while working hard. I will not abandon those who want to do something similar but don’t want to spend the money or who already have a heart rate device.

    Whoever is interested in a Training/Nutrition Challenge let’s talk and come up with something. I’m not opposed to custom designing either. In fact, I love to experiment so having different people doing different things is fine by me. We have no reliable way of measuring body fat so that leaves with 3 choices: (1) Use the photo-method only, (2) get your body fat measured on your own with a reliable method or (3) not have your body fat measured at all.

    Let’s talk.:)

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