Katy actually likes to run!

WHY THIS POWERLIFTING 73-YEAR OLD ULTRARUNNER WANTS YOU TO HIT THE GYM, TOO Don’t be stingy with your information. Everybody knows somebody that is older and should be training. Please share these types of articles when we post them. There are those that need to know other people their age are working out with good results.

DO STRENGTH TRAINEES REALLY NEED CARBS? Excellent article because it’s one of the few that balances out the actual need for carbs without recommending a high carb diet or a low/no-carb diet. The bottom line for you, as a crossfitter, is you can have carbs but don’t go overboard. If you believe you need a lot of carbs because you are crossfitting you are probably wrong. If you do multiple CrossFit workouts per day or strength endurance workouts that last an hour or longer you may need a higher carb intake. If you are working out on a regular basis and are not lean you have to look at calorie intake and carb intake. Chances are one or both are too high.

After training yesterday I went to the supermarket to re-supply. As I walked down the aisle with my cool mask on I thought I noticed the familiar eyes, hair, and upper facial structure of the man walking toward me, also masked.

“George?!”, asked/stated the man.

“Martin”, I replied. The fact that he is 6’6″ helped.

Yup. I got to speak to Martin in Stop & Shop yesterday. He says “hello” to everyone. He is well and working. It was nice to see him since it’s been two months since we have seen each other.

You can do them walking or standing in place

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