Cathy, Jon, and Katy practicing social-distancing while doing bench dips on the same bench, while taking advantage of the friendly weather.

RICH FRONING SAYS YOU HAVE TO BE WARY OF TRAINING WITH OTHER CROSSFIT ATHLETES Training with other athletes can “wear you down a little bit”, he says. Let’s be clear here. Mr. Froning is one of the best CrossFit athletes to participate in the sport. He attracts the other top athletes in the sport. He is not talking about a regular group of crossfitters getting together to train. He’s referring to the men and women at the top of the food chain making every single workout a competition. Not a good idea.



Good morning!

Hopefully, you all got to workout outside on Saturday and spent time outside on Sunday. The weather was beautiful and ideal for running. Or doing anything outside for that matter. It made doing 60 burpees interspersed with 400 meter runs for a total mile seem not so bad. Sort of.

Latest update on our re-opening. Nobody knows for sure but we will definitely keep you posted and we monitor the governor’s briefings on a daily basis. Of course if any of you hear anything please share right away.

When we do re-open we will have a slightly different protocol in place to keep our athletes as safe as possible. Yes, if you train with us you are an “athlete” in our eyes. We will not be doing partner workouts where you have to share equipment. All equipment will be cleaned as soon as the workout is over. We will be cleaning the gym throughout the day. We will be reminding everyone to wash their hands before and after their workouts. Much of this was already in place and the gym was typically a clean environment. We will be doing more of what we were already doing, basically. We are also considering a temperature scan before working out but have not made any final decisions on that. We will be emphasizing personal responsibility, as usual, and expect you not to come into the gym if you’re not feeling well.

We don’t anticipate social-distancing to be a problem. There is plenty of space. We’ve heard a rumor that when gyms initially are permitted to open they will be required to limit session sizes. We don’t know if this is true but if it is we don’t anticipate having an issue.

Thank you to those who have sent pics. You have saved me from posting my wedding photos. Please continue to send. If you haven’t sent me one please do so that we can get a variety and not the same 4 or 5 people.

For motivation…..tell me this isn’t both awe-inspiring and adorable! I want to be like these kids when I grow up. See if you can beat the winner of this race.

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  1. Norris

    Oh YEA GEORGE!!!! I can’t wait to get back in the gym and see everyone. My screaming and yelling will be at an all time high once we start up again. You’ve all been warned and promise everyone is gonna be GREAT!!!!!!!

    1. Bevin

      Norris I actually heard you yell YEA GEORGE on the opposite side of Holbrook as you typed it. And my reaction was I better get moving before he yells CLOCKS ON! Hope you guys are doing well!

      Thanks for the update George. Miss everyone and hope everyone is doing well!

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