Does anybody else hear, “the clocks on, YEAHHHH” when they look at this pic?

THE ONE EXERCISE FOR AN UNBREAKABLE CORE If you have a barbell at home you can try this one. Put the bottom end of a barbell into a corner. Have a towel in the corner to protect the wall and the bar.

HIGH PROTEIN RECIPE: 5 REASONS EVERY ATHLETE SHOULD EAT LENTIL STEW I’m a big fan of chili and stew. You can pack a whole mouth full of awesomeness into a meal, easily, by making chili or stew. This article not only offered a good recipe but it sparked the idea to throw a pound of lentils into my next batch of chili. Too bad I didn’t read this yesterday before I made my freshest batch of venison chili. (Thank you to Bevin and Eric for the venison…and elk.)

This also reminds me of another recommendation, since we’re talking about nutrition and cooking this week: Get a Crock Pot or an Instant Pot. Cooking is made easy and the food is delicious!

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  1. JaneM

    Lentils – YUM! I bought a bag the other day. I think I will make them for lunch today. Thank you George (you know I want to say Georgie but you hate when I call you that publicly so nobody read this part ok)

  2. Bevin

    I’ll definitely try that exercise once I’m back to working out. And lentils sound yummy. I didn’t realize they were loaded with zinc – so important right now with this damn virus. They put me on zinc in the hospital and told me to continue taking it when they sent me home.
    I miss everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Especially those of you on the frontlines!

    1. George


      Sounds good!

      Eat spinach and dark chocolate and take ZMA….along with the lentils.

      “I miss everyone. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Especially those of you on the frontlines!”–YES, EXACTLY!!

  3. Kristin Gandolfo

    Mmm I make lentil soup all the time. Love it. And lentil salad. Trader Joe’s sells pre cooked vacuum packed lentils In the refrigerator section that’s perfect to use for salad:) you’re welcome. Have a good day peoples. I still miss everyone and Jon’s clock comments lol. I laugh even thinking about it.

  4. Amie

    Oh yeah clocks on yeah it’s gonna be great!! Yeah Norris!!
    I just made a batch of lentils this week red
    Lentils! They are my fave I use veggie broth and a Mira pox and garlic I also had a bag of Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi threw that in too , delish- it’s like a nice thick stew and then of course wilt in some spinach salt and pepper

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