It looks like we will not be getting pics like this until May…we hope!




Gather around everybody, gather around. Hear ye. Hear ye.

How are y’all?

I got to see Katy, unexpectedly when she came to pick-up food at where Melissa works. That was a very pleasant surprise.

I saw Dan S. and Andreina this week as well. Always good to see my peeps!

And of course, I have the regular brigade of those of you who comment right here on this website or text me directly.

But how are the rest of you holding up? I reached out to some on Sunday and will continue to do so. I’m happy to report I’ve received all good feedback, all things considered. Always feel free to contact me.

I’m going to reiterate some of the announcements from the end of last week because I have a feeling by Thursday many are tuning out to some extent.

  1. We’re still looking to do a Zoom (online meeting) “get-together”. I’ve heard back from about 3 people on the topic. Text me the email address you want me to use to send you the invitation link. It will be good to see you all in a group and get to speak to each other.
  2. Today’s WOD is to get you familiar with the Modified Version of the Spartan Performance PFT (Physical Fitness Test) we’ll be asking for your official time by the end of April.
  3. is tracking all of their gyms, giving points for certain exercises. We are #556, last I looked, out of 2,002 gyms. Go back to the website for the 28th by clicking HERE for more details.
  4. I need pics from your home workouts. My “photo-well” will be drying up soon.

Alright then. As always, I welcome your questions and comments!

Do this after the workout!

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  1. JaneM

    Hi y’all (sticking with the theme above).

    Been a few days since I’ve posted. Mainly because nothing going on. Every day seems exactly like the day before. I no longer get to see interesting characters on the trains (“I like that color” “You look like Laura Bush” “Get out of the way black man”) and I miss that. I no longer see my train buddy. We do chat and have even video chatted so we are staying connected.

    I did get to watch a squirrel scurrying around digging up nuts or whatever may have been planted in the lawn. He/she was quite fat and came up empty handed. Ever notice how human like a squirrels hand is?

    Have a good day y’all

    1. George


      I often think of the man on the train and wonder how he is coping with our “new” society.

      I enjoy squirrel watching.

      Have a good one.

  2. Cathy

    Good morning everyone!

    Janie, thank you for giving me something new to do…check out a squirrel’s hand! It will help to pass the day. George, thank you for the article on gloves at the supermarket, it makes a lot of sense!

    Actually, my days have been quite busy. Is it just me, or does the day seem to fly by? Distance learning and “teaching” my own children keeps me busy. I’ve been doing a peloton ride in the morning, then I do the wod with jack in the afternoon (they have been a killer!), followed by a peloton dance class with Kaylee (it’s not pretty! Dancing is not my thing!). Yesterday, however, on my way back from the 400m run (not really sure that’s what it was), who was at the foot of my driveway, but my beautiful morning Trish and Tony!!! They were stopping by to pick up a kettlebell (sprayed with Lysol and left in the middle of my driveway). It was sooooo nice to catch up with them, from a distance of course! BUT, It just solidified how much I miss my gym family!!!! ?? I am totally up for a zoom! ? George, I will send you my email address. Stay safe everyone and enjoy the day!

    1. George


      You’re welcome!

      I feel the same way. The day flies by for me. I can’t get over what it’s like to sleep for 6 or 7 hours a night too! I did 2 workouts back to back on Monday and I felt amazing. I don’t think I would have gotten through 2 if I was in my “normal” sleeping pattern.

      That must have been wonderful to see Trish and Tony!

      Oh, and it’s official….NORRIS WILL BE A PART OF THE ZOOM GROUP. Tell all your friends. LOL

  3. Kristin Gandolfo

    Hey guys, love to read how you all are getting through… we’re all in the same boat.
    Kathy I feel for you having to manage your class AND your kids at home. I’m sure it’s not easy.
    It’s like groundhogs day over here! Lol. kind of feeling the weight of it all, but trying to stay positive and keep it light for my kids. Got to Wednesday before tears started over school work. Thought things were going ok but next thing I know Chase is hysterical crying over his work and I dont even know why. Don’t think he knew why either, I think it just got to him. Oh well, he’s all finished for today and we’ll go for a walk soon to get some fresh air. Tired of being cold but atleast it’s not raining. I would do a zoom if u set it up. Miss you all a lot.

      1. JaneM

        One of my all time favorite movie quotes “there’s no crying in baseball!” I used to have a cartoon panel like view of that scene in my office. I would pull it out anytime some came into my office weeping about work (not if it was a personal matter) and I would say there’s no crying in work! THERE’S NO CRYING IN WORK!!!

        What did you say? What is a favorite quote from SNL? Schweddy balls.

        Count me in for zoom.

    1. Kristin Gandolfo

      Lol best scene. I will show him but he’s gonna be pissed because he will absolutely positively deny that cried. ?

  4. John M.

    Yard work, weed and feed, treat the cesspool with acid and then work out.

    1 mile run then

    5 rds of

    5 HPC and jerk @ 135#
    10 KBS @ 24KG
    15 DU

    1 mile run

  5. Tara

    Miss you all. Hope everyone is well. Wish I could say I was working out regularly but work is long and exhausting so not much time. Occasionally go for a run but thats it. Hopefully soon can get back to it. We will do zoom George.

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