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WHY CROSSFITTERS SHOULD RUN, WHY RUNNERS SHOULD CROSSFIT Take a look at the best workout times in the gym and notice how they correlate to the best runners. Coincidence? I think not. There are exceptions but you cannot discount the fact that having a base of good aerobic capacity does not help with everything else we do at CrossFit and everything we do in life.—George


GREAT JOB YESTERDAY! Many of you reached out to let me know how you did on the “Prison Workout” or your modified workouts. We really appreciate the feedback and we love to hear not only how you did but your thoughts on the workouts. The pics and videos were an awesome touch!


Wendy suggested we have a closed group (private) Facebook page. And BOOM, just like that, we have one! It’s called, oddly enough, CF Suffolk Closed Group. Many of you should have received an invitation already. If you did not it’s because I accidentally overlooked you or you’re not on my FB list. Please let me know if I have not included you.


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  1. JaneM


    I used to be a big runner. Not a particularly fast runner but I used to run frequently. George’s sister taught me the throw-up run. I did it on a treadmill so it was easier to track and pace yourself. It was just increasing the speed that you run for various intervals with the treadmill set on an incline. The run includes rest periods after each interval. The rest periods decreased and the speeds that I set increased as I improved. I was doing this when I first started CrossFit. The combination of running and training put me in the best shape of my life. I was strong and I had endurance. Alas poor fitness I knew it well.

    I totally feel a difference in my fitness since running has not been part of my routine. That and the gradual decline in my ability to lift heavy things.

    Anyway, it is Thursday and I am still trying to balance ELBA that bitch!

    Have a great day one and all.

  2. Ben

    Running, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. But it is good for you.

    Yesterday I missed the cardboard recycle truck (they seem to be coming earlier now, used to be 7:10-7:30, now it’s 6:45. I thought I had more time!) so I had to take a trip. Realizing the normal place I bring it to, the holtsville ecology site, is closed during this time because it’s a place people like to gather I had to look for other places to bring my massive load of cardboard and some glass bottles. Turns out my bottles can be dropped of down the street from me (huzzah!!). The cardboard was still in my truck, so quickly and unceremoniously I chucked it into the cardboard only bin in the gym parking lot. Yes it was sad that no one was inside working out.

    Then I went about my day in the basement again. This time sanding and painting things. A little shelf for the h alf bathroom off our kitchen and the racing cockpit I made. Also organized things and other junk.

    I think I’m getting used to this, work at home thing (not work from home). The pay stinks but getting things done I’ve been wanting to do is highly rewarding!

  3. Cathy

    Hello all! RUNNING! I have an absolute love/hate relationship with it.! I know how rewarding and beneficial it is, but Jeez, it’s so damn hard!!!!

    I think one if the best trainings we did, was when the morning crew was training for Murph, and Ben put together a running plan each day. It definitely improved my endurance, and stamina. Thankfully this quarantine. Is running into the warmer weather, so I can get out there and start practicing again. I’m hoping that we are back at the gym in time for Murph, and then I’m looking forward to the Michael Murphy run around the lake.

    I totally agree with not knowing what day it is! I literally have to think about the day of the week when I wake up, and I always think about what I would be doing if it were two weeks ago. I miss my students, I miss my family, my Crossfit family, and I just miss LBC (Life Before Corona). What I don’t miss, is running around every day from 5:20 in the morning until 9 o’clock at night. It’s kind of nice to not have a schedule, and I’m finding it easier to devote time to working out. The home wods have been great,. I’m actually doing them with my kids when possible. (Jack is beating me, every, single time! ?) I have also been getting on my peloton as much as possible.

    I began a 1000 piece puzzle, which I bought as a way to connect with my children, but they crapped out after about a half hour, day one. Tommy and I are now obsessed with finishing it alone!

    Yesterday I had my very first zoom happy hour with the girls from work. That was a lot of fun, I’m hoping I can get some more of those going, because it’s nice just to catch up with old friends. George, I know you mentioned doing Zoom for a work out, and there wasn’t a lot of feedback. Maybe people didn’t know exactly what it is, but I wonder how many people would be interested in doing a CrossFit spartan happy hour! No exercise, just enjoying a beverage, seeing each other and catching up. ?? It’s really easy and some well needed interaction will be good for us all!

    I hope everyone is making the best of this time! This too shall pass…miss you all! ❤️??

  4. Cathy

    I would also like to add (though I should’ve started with this), a special thank you to all of those people working on the front lines during this pandemic. Thank you to the police, firefighters, nurses, doctors, all those working in our hospitals, working at the supermarkets, the food industry, air traffic control, gas stations, and every other person who is working during this very challenging time. I know we have many warriors, right here in our gym!!!!! Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Bethie

      I say yes let’s do a zoom hang out. We unfortunately learned how to do this because my husbands aunt passed away. They could not have a funeral so they did a service via zoom. It would be great to do something happy with zoom

    2. Spartan


      Let me second that thank you to everybody working especially those on the “front lines”, the first responders and doctors and nurses and everyone who keeps life going for the rest of us.

      I’m all set up for ZOOM. We received a very underwhelming response so I figured I’d try it anyway but wasn’t super motivated to get it going this week. The Happy Hour sounds like a great idea!

      I’m busy tomorrow (sounds weird in light of what’s going on) but maybe Saturday we can have a test run.

  5. Amie

    Well it’s Thursday and I miss my 6:30 am striking session with my girl Liv pushing each other to work harder. I miss watching Steve wail on the bag and do 3x more reps than George says while we giggle at him. I miss Tim telling us he’s more handsome than striking. I miss watching Cathy and Trish throw caution to the wind and totally deviate from George’s Thursday 30 min program.. I miss George telling us ladies and gentlemen this concludes our session. Most of all i miss everyone’s beautiful faces!! ❤️❤️❤️

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