Wouldn’t be great to hit things while working out, RIGHT NOW!



Cathy had a great suggestion! Let’s use ZOOM to have a Happy Hour. Maybe once we try it in this fun fashion we’ll be more…..accepting of using it for workout sessions. If not, then other social gatherings. It sounds perfect in light of our current state of social distancing. ZOOM is for internet meetings. I’ve used it for some of the sales pitches I’ve sat through. It’s simple enough. It uses the camera and microphone from your computer or whichever device you use for internet access and it’s like being in a meeting with a group of people but you’re in the comfort of your yard or home, yet you can see and hear everyone and they can see and hear you. I’m set up for it. All I need is for you to text me the email address you want me to send the link to (or email me at Once we decide on a date and time we click on the link and “meet up”. It’ll be fabulous!

Our private Facebook page is up and running. If you’re not in but would like to send me a text.

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  1. Ben

    Great articles, makes me really need to set up a pull-up bar. I want to try that gymnasts pull-up routine.

    Yesterday was great. I was asked by Janie to tear down and old rotting shed. So I packed my vehicle with tools of destruction. When I get there and see the patient turns out that only the door is rotted and the plywood next to the door. It can be saved and as I myself am in need of a shed (shed envy) I thought it a shame to tear down a useful building. So I went from destruction mode into construction mode. Luckily Janie’s father had left some useful tools in the garage.

    Went to Home Depot to pick up supplies and that was an experience. It was a little bit more crowded than I’d like and it freaked me out a little (these crazy corona times). So I stuffed my adult building blocks into my van and headed back. Decided on a plan of action, took down the old door, ripped the face of it off, pulled all the old nails, screws and staples. Then I measured twice, cut once, a new door face from the textured plywood sheet. Then I laid it on the frame and screwed it home. Then onto the shed walls. Measured and cut about 4 feet from the bottom. Cut new walls and screwed them in.

    At this point it was around 2:30 and decided I needed primer and my miter saw to start the trim so I ran home and got the supplies. Priming the textured plywood is a pain in the arse! But got it done and started on the door trim and then primed that also. By this point it was 5pm and getting too chilly to prime anything else so we called it a day. It was great to hang out with Janie and meet her mother, but I’ll be back ?

    Saw Katy and Jon for a few minutes as they dropped of a poke bowl for my father. That was cool, but weird cuz we stayed away from each other. Basically ate dinner and went to bed after that.

    “Today was a good day, I didn’t even have to use my AK.” – Ice Cube

  2. JaneM

    What fun for me to have Ben visit and work his construction magic. When I went to empty the last few items out of the shed I noticed that it still looked solid. Only door and other little parts that never saw sun due to the massive tree that blocked that side of shed had rotted. The tree was cut down last year and seeing a big ugly rotted door made us decide to take it down. I thought it was so bad I could just push it over. Was kinda looking forward to doing a “demo” day like I see on all those home repair shows. Once Ben said he could fix the decision changed from gotta go to keep and begin to fill with crap we should probably throw out.

    So of course my Mom thought Ben was just adorable and he didn’t even take off his shirt. He did amazing, meticulous work. I would recommend him to anyone that needs some work done around their house.

    Thank Ben and see you Monday. This time I promise we will have lunch for you.

  3. Katy

    George, I would love to jump in on a zoom happy hour and or workout. I’ll text you my email address.. also Janie and Ben sent me a picture of them outside in the backyard which Immediately made me jealous and warn them to stand 6ft from each other! Lol.. it always good to see smiling faces of all the people I love during these weird and uncertain times. It truly is the little things. Miss you all! Now let’s get this happy hour going!

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