Forgive me, I borrowed the title from my favorite economist and one of my favorite writers, Thomas Sowell.

Yesterday was nice in that I got to speak to a bunch of you. It was good for my soul. I’m beginning to realize how much I hug my family and friends because I have been making a conscious effort not to. And to stand beyond the magical six feet. I understand the reason for it but I don’t like it. Lack of human contact is bad for my soul.

I was speaking with a friend who was describing the same thing. We spoke of knowing, on a “knowledge” level about needing “close social interaction” but not really knowing what it is until you don’t have it. This is why the second-worst (arguably the worst) punishment there is for prisoners is solitary confinement. You might hear the words “solitary confinement” and think, nice, getting some me-time where nobody can bother me, until you are told to limit going out, limit being around other people and when you are with other people make sure there is at least 6 feet between you and them. That’s when you realize solitary confinement must be Hell.

Speaking of close social interaction, not going to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is leaving a feeling of emptiness. I’ve been trying to get my fix and fill the emptiness by watching instructionals online. Fortunately, we live in a time when there are so many quality instructionals to watch. There are actually too many. With time freed up, I still don’t have enough time to watch all of the ones I want to watch. Some top-notch instructors have put together solo-drill programs. Obviously you need a partner to do Jits but with our current situation watching instructionals and doing solo drills is the best one can hope for. I’ve been doing the solo-drills, movements that you need to be proficient at in order to do Brazilian Jui Jitsu, after my workouts. Looking forward to seeing how it pays off.

I wasn’t sure at first but now I’m convinced: Everybody working retail is miserable. I don’t blame them. I’m just making the observation. It has to be awful. I walked into Walmart yesterday, (they have bleach) and there was a man at the door for “loss prevention”. He wasn’t helping anybody and he was watching me walk in. I smiled and said, “Hello. How are you?” He just stared at me with a disgusted look on his face. I saw his lips twitch a little and a tiny sound came out of the hole underneath his nose, but it wasn’t anything human. As I walked throughout the store I noticed all the employees had that same demeanor. Two of the male employees looked homeless and filthy. I didn’t realize they were employees at first. It was sad. It looked like every employee had given up. For all the employees to be this way they have to be taking a beating, probably by their own management and shoppers. I spoke to one employee and tried to be a good human. When I thanked him for his help he looked at me in amazement. It has to be bloody fucking awful for them right now.

I spoke to my next-door neighbor of 31 years last night. He informed me that his 14-year-old dog died a few days ago. Joey was one of those small, hybrid, doodle-somethings. He was a good dog. A while after Joey moved in, my neighbor’s son brought home a massive pitbull named Mason. Although much smaller, Joey would boss Mason around and intimidate him. Joey clearly had established that he was there first and he’d be calling the shots.

My neighbor dug a grave for Joey and buried him in the backyard in a part of the yard Mason didn’t go near. The day after Joey died Mason apparently was looking for him. He sniffed around the backyard and ventured into the unchartered, for him, part of the yard where Joey was buried. Mason did indeed find the gravesite, sniffed around for his little friend, stood there for a moment and peed all over it. When Mason was done, obviously satisfied, he galloped over to his side of the yard. My neighbor swore he heard Mason giggle when he ran by. Mason looked at my neighbor as if to say, “Yeah, I pissed on that motherf***ers grave.”


ABOUT TOMORROW’S WORKOUT: There are actually 2 workouts but it’s “choose one”, it’s not meant to do both. The reason is I’ve always wanted to do the workout known as the “Prison Workout” but it consists of nothing but burpees. Lots of them. We are all too familiar with the fact that burpees are not the first choice in exercises for most people and the amount in the “Prison Workout” could be considered excessive.

So, you can do the “Prison Workout” should you feel compelled to do the workout that is perfect for strength, conditioning, and explosiveness if you live in a relatively small room with nothing but a bed and a toilet and bars that keep you confined or you can do the excellent alternative. The choice is yours, my friends. Enjoy!

Written by Rudyard Kipling who once said, “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

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  1. Ben

    Great story about the dog! I’m sorry that you can’t do jitz solo, but it does take two to tango, I guess.

    Yesterday was dull, spent most of the day in the basement again, fumbling for things to do. The rain didn’t help. Today I plan to do some food shopping and then yard work. The sun is glorious. All hail Ra the sun god!

    I’ll construct a wheel barrow from parts of an old one I have and one that I found in the garbage. The handles from Amazon came in yesterday (~$25) along with the foam never flat wheel I have laying around (I lubed up the bearings and spun it around a bunch and found it to be very unbalanced, and now I know why those tires are not meant for highway use!) My friend will get a very useful tool for all the gardening and yard work she likes to do.

    Well, here goes, another day in strange land where I am discouraged from seeing people to protect myself and others.

    1. George

      yesterday was a good day to spend in the basement, Ben! Staying productive is one of the best things to do during this time.

      Keep it up!

  2. JaneM

    Good morning all (or at least those still checking the site).

    Ben, I want to see pictures of video car thing and wheel barrow.

    Nothing exciting today. No football player has entered my life today. Thinking about 50 rounds. 50 ROUNDS. I have trouble counting 5 rounds some times. How the hell can I count 50 without a round counter. That should always be my biggest worry.

    Sorry to hear about neighbor’s dog. But love the visual of Mason. Reminds me of joke about cat sitting. Too long to type now so I will leave all that don’t know it in anticipation until another time. Well now that I think about it maybe a little too insensitive for right now.

    Paris Hilton hugs to all

  3. George

    Thanks for the random hug Janie!

    Tackle the workout like you would any workout…1 rep at a time, 1 round at a time. Don’t think about the end. Just keep moving.

  4. Bethie

    I was so happy to see crossfit people yesterday but believe it or not it crushed me that I couldn’t hug anyone. I know you are shocked that I said that. This has made appreciate the people I know so much more. I was extremely happy to use the barbell n weights today. I was almost giggly with happiness. Its was a 4 b day. Walking Bentley, Baking, Barbells and making a Blanket. It’s only day 2 of no work…

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