That’s a med-ball burpee! Steve is in the bottom position about to do the push-up on the med-ball, Livia is fresh out of the push-up and on her way up and Cathy is at the full height of the jump! This was a live-action shot, not staged, during a recent CF Suffolk Striking session!




We hope everybody had a good Sunday! It was beautiful out. If you didn’t know better you’d think nothing was wrong.

We may have to scrap plans to meet in a park. We watched the State of the State address by the Governor yesterday and one of the things he addressed (and was clearly not happy about) was the number of people in close proximity to each other in one of the city parks. He asked the city parks officials to come up with a plan in 24 hours to fix this situation. If parks limit groups or close completely it will only be a matter of time before Nassau and Suffolk follow. Hopefully, I’m completely wrong about this. We may be able to get some group sessions in before anything becomes a “rule”, but perhaps we shouldn’t. Of course, I’m not quite sure that most people would be interested in this at all and whoever is not it’s understandable. We’ll continue to look into this and evaluate.


Stay strong people. It’s only been 6 days and I’m starting to hear the words, “boredom” and “loneliness”. I get it and it’s understandable. Should anyone reading this need to talk please don’t hesitate to call me. Please!

We still have phones and the internet. You don’t have to use them for social media and shopping. There are some fascinating podcasts out there on nearly everything that interests you. There are things you are curious about. Please explore. Learn. Listen. (Try Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Ferriss or the Jocko Podcast or use Google or YouTube to enter a subject that interests you.)

There are FREE college courses or courses in things you may have an interest in whether they are college courses or not. There is a “universe” of interesting people that speak of the subjects they have some expertise in. (For history, politics, economics, and religion try Hillsdale College, for numerous other topics, try Coursera or Udemy [not free but very inexpensive])

One thing I definitely recommend is taking the time to learn how and then practice meditation. It will help calm you in times of stress and it will train you to stay in the present moment. There are some who will read the words “be in the present moment” and have no idea what it really is or what it really feels like. We have a tendency to dwell on the past (often regret) and ponder the future (often worry). Staying “present” requires skill and practice. The benefits are better breathing, lower blood pressure, less stress and an overall better feeling about, well, most things that will affect your daily life.

There’s plenty of meditation videos. I like this one because the explanation is comprehensive without having too much “fluff”. Nobody likes fluff! Some of the other videos are done by folks with an annoying voice or an annoying face. This guy is tolerable, but explore “meditation” on YouTube, you may find something you like better.

If you need anything let us know. If we can’t help we know people that can. One thing I’ve learned about the CrossFit Suffolk community is we have a network of resourceful people. We are all connected to people who can fix things and provide answers. Do not be too proud or shy to ask. If I need something from you best believe that I’m going to ask. I already have asked for a couple of favors and our community has come through without hesitation. These are the times we need to pull together. Do not let the fact that we are all engaged in “social distancing” turn into “social isolation”.

2 minutes and 19 seconds of reframing your attitude.

When I train police officers how to survive one of the main things I try to get across is the fact that we have so little control over what happens in life. The people who try to control EVERYTHING are usually the most miserable people in the room. The one thing we always have control over is how we respond to what’s going on. We have control over our thoughts, our emotions and how we feel about things that happen to us personally or to us as a village, town, nation or universe. You may influence external factors but it’s impossible to control most external factors. Believing that you have so much control will just lead to frustration, depression, anger, resentment, guilt, and other negative emotions. Ponder that….but do so in the present moment and not while you’re driving or power tools.

Two other things we usually have control over is whether or not you’ll engage in the type of activity to keep yourself “in good shape” and what you choose to eat, also known as adapting good nutrition habits. You’re already taking care of your physical strength and conditioning and most of you have good nutritional habits. In the near future, we are going to “discuss” diet and nutrition further.

Everything I covered today leads to this: We are a rugged people. We are built to endure. We are built for resiliency. What we are going through is going to challenge us. Challenges are an opportunity to develop character, get tougher and grow as a person. You may not have control over the challenge but you have control over how to respond to it, how you think about it and how you feel about it. Training your mind and body and eating well will leave you better prepared for any challenge, known or unknown. This will enhance your resiliency. Continue to set the example for your children, your relatives and, your neighbors. Help where you can and if you need help, ask.

Train hard and have a good day!

You may need these for today’s warm-up or workout:

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  1. JaneM

    All quiet in the comment zone today???

    I don’t have any witty comments or great memes to share. I am actually at car dealer getting a flat fixed. Of course I need 2 tires. The funny part of this was watching the tow truck driver try to squeeze into my car. On the ride to the dealer I found out he used to play for the Philadelphia Eagles to give you some perspective on his size. (Unfortunately he got hurt and that ended his football career.). Besides driving a tow truck he is a cop in Queens. Xavier, a true gentle giant.

    I’m intrigued by some of the new movements we are doing as part of the home work outs. The arm circles are new to me and I have a feeling they will be a challenge. Just hope I remember to breathe.

    Ok Spartans, have a great day.

  2. George

    Hello Janie! Sure is quiet here in the comment zone. I could hear the echo while I type, LOL

    The arm circles are something I’ve done to make my shoulder mobility better. They are so much harder than they look It’s one of those exercises that I wish we could do more but forget to throw into the warm-up.

    Have a good day!

  3. Ben

    I’ve been keeping busy, but going nowhere. Saturday I did a good 20 min workout after a nice 15 min warmup. But I think after reading what you wrote I’ve decided that I will workout when I want to and not force it. For the past 6 years I’ve been very consistent. So I’ll take this time and do what I feel.

    Yesterday I spent all day in the basement (I tend to spend the nicest days hidden away, go figure). I built myself a video game car racing station. I bought the steering wheel and pedal set in February, and was unhappy how it was setup. So using a bunch of scrap 2x4s I had laying around the house I built a cockpit. Took a long time and it was fun building something from scratch without plans. Came out pretty good for home spun and only cost me $7 (bolts to mount the pedal cluster).
    I’m thinking maybe I’ll paint it, not sure.

    Today… I don’t know, maybe I’ll just meditate ?. Keep up the good thoughts and I literally can’t wait till we get to be normal again and workout in the gym.

    1. Spartan

      Pretty cool Ben! I hope that “get to be normal again and workout in the gym” happens sooner rather than later. It’s difficult to tell how long this is going to take.

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