Workout of the Day
5X2/4 FS/BS @ 100% of max FS (from beginning of the cycle)
*If you can’t complete the work, drop the weight and get the work done.



5 rounds for time of:
5 Overhead squats. 135/95#
20 Lateral hurdle jumps over the barbell
10 Chest to bar pull-ups

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


Observations On The Passing (CrossFit Suffolk) Scene:

There have been SO MANY great things happening amongst you: PRs (personal records) are being amassed in droves.  It’s good to see.  There’s a good steady progression of work being done by nearly everyone!  For those working consistently and not hitting PRs, hang in there and be patient.  This is a normal part of training.

The best part of coaching is watching someone you’re training do something in the gym they never thought they’d be able to do.  It doesn’t have to be a big deal to anyone else, but to the person making the achievement it means everything.  Case in point: Last week Michelle rowed 750 meters unbroken.  Before this, although she had rowed numerous times before, she never rowed 500 meters without breaking it up to rest.  I will never, EVER,  forget the look of triumph and joy on Michelle’s face when she completed the workout.  Thank you Michelle–you made my week!

Speaking of achievements….we are constantly amazed by the body transformations occurring by you all when you train consistently and eat properly.  We don’t promote a body transformation challenge because our goal, as a gym, is focused on athletic performance.  That said, it’s hard not to notice the changes in many of you.

The number one factor that will keep you safe is AWARENESS.  Being aware of your environment, surroundings, situations and of the people around you will raise your safety and survivability more than all other factors.  This applies on the road, in parking lots, malls and large events.  It also applies in the gym.  When someone is set up and lifting at a squat rack it’s probably not a good idea to workout  2 feet behind them.  When someone is lifting a bar from the ground it’s best to give them space when you need to walk by.  And my personal favorite–when a lifter is set-up on the blocks or the lifting platform, for the love of all that’s good in the world, DO NOT WALK ON OR NEAR THE PLATFORM.

Something that may help, in life and with awareness in the gym, is to stay in the present moment.  I don’t think it’s a lack of consideration for fellow gym members that is sometimes the problem.  I believe the culprit is actually being preoccupied with other things.  We sometimes walk around thinking about something that is in the past or something that may be in the future.  This leaves no attention or ” no mind” for what’s happening RIGHT NOW.  There is no awareness and this is how accidents happen–everywhere.  So practice “‘Mindfulness”.  The past is gone and the future hasn’t happened yet– be present!

You may have noticed the USA Weightlifting banner on the north wall of the gym.  We are now the USA Weightlifting certified Long Island Barbell Club!  Stay tuned for Olympic Weightlifting -only added sessions and Saturday seminars!  Our goals are to improve the lifts of weightlifting–the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch, to have a Weightlifting Competition team and to help  raise the game of Weightlifting in the United States.  We have had many of you express your interest already.  If you haven’t told us of your interest in participating please do so.

As is tradition for us, we will have our holiday party in January when everyone’s hectic life has slowed down somewhat.  This has worked well for us in the past so we don’t see the need to change a winning formula.  Don’t take vacation in January so you can attend.  Just joking.  We haven’t picked the date yet.

That’s all we have for you for now.  As always–we welcome your comments.  Please feel free to make suggestions, offer ideas or let us know what’s on your mind.  Some of the things we enjoy about the gym exist because a member suggested it.  Don’t be shy.  Let us know!




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  1. Alisa

    Hey George,

    Great post! Loved this, and the progression of our members is a testament to our amazing trainers 🙂 I am super excited about the Olympic Weightlifting sessions as well…I’m interested if you can’t already tell! PS- this is my first time posting, how exciting!!!

  2. Nick Kelly


    This is why so many love our box. It’s coaches like you and Lisa and the others of course that push everyday, and for that I thank you! The holiday party sounds like a plan and fun will be had by all! Michelle..nicely done! Keep up the good work.

    Have a good week everyone.

  3. Beth

    Congratulations to Michelle – It’s such a great feeling when you realize you did something you never were able to before!! It’s part of the charm of Crossfit….when your walking to your car after your workout with a huge smile on your face knowing what you did…and looking forward to the next workout.

  4. Kelly R

    Awesome Michelle! Good job!
    George- this is a great read- bummed I couldn’t get there today! And YES I am interested in the Olympic Weightlifting!!!
    You guys tell me- WHO-WHAT-WHY-WHEN-HOW- I will do it! ( & if I am not able to do it I will learn & practice- & learn & practice ……. )
    ” Its not that I can’t do something, I am simply not ABLE to do it now, & now doesn’t last forever “

  5. Michele

    Well, thank you everyone. I really appreciate the support and inspiration you all provide. George and Lisa are terrific champions of my cause for health and fitness and the atmosphere at Spartan helps to “get it done”. Looking forward to a healthful and spirited new year.

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