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  1. Ben B.

    Pat: I’m gonna beat Ben, Jay and Matt
    Jay: I’m gonna beat Pat this year.
    Matt thinking: Would I be blamed if all their legs break at the same time?

  2. Pat Wingler

    Gather around children, its story time. Once upon a time there was a crossfiter. This crossfiter had dreams of being the best crossfiter in all the land, or at least in their box. But deep in the dark forbidden forest there was a no rep judge. This judge gave no reps on almost every attempt. The crossfiter was not going to let this no rep judge ruin their dreams so they recruited some help. Along came the BRO rep judge on a white horse to save the day. The BRO rep judge let this crossfiter do almost anything. And before you know it, the crossfiter was getting the best scores in all the land, or at least in their box. And everyone lived happily ever after. The End.

  3. Juana

    Yay, tell the story again lol
    Ps: can you tell pat is a teacher, children find a seat ,check children play close attention, check. Lol

  4. Dan N.

    “Lets gather round the barbell and sing our Crossfit song
    Our C-R-O-S-S-F-I-T Song
    And if you don’t think that we can lift it faster, then you’re wrong but it will help if you just sing along”

    *To the tune of the Campfire Song from Spongebob

  5. George

    Pat to John: I’m pretty sure I can get you to the Master’s this year John. Oh did you see my cool finger-pistol?

    Eddie (thinking): I wonder if these guys know that I really am Captain America….Pat never lets me get any attention..nobody cares about his dumb finger-pistol.

    John (thinking): When will Pat be done talking?..the workout is over…STFU Pat..I don’t think I can keep up the “interested” look much longer..I don’t want to go to the Master’s…I want to go home…everybody has a “finger-pistol”

    Ben (thinking): Why does Jay remove his sleeves before every workout..even when it’s cold out? I wonder if his arms are bigger than Matt’s?

    Jay (thinking): Why does Ben remove his shirt before every workout…no matter how cold it is. arms are pretty swole.

    Matt (thinking): I wonder if Eddie really is Captain America…I wonder if Jay’s biceps are as big as mine..why does Pat require so much attention right after a workout? Pat really does have a cool finger-pistol…ummmm did I bring food?

  6. George Demetriou

    Wow! This one is too close to call. I laughed out LLOL (literally laughed out loud) from every entry. It was nice to see some newcomers participate in this year’s first edition of “Caption This”. It was great to see the return of two giants in the Caption This game, Jon B. and Al. We look forward to more participation in the near future and we missed not having Caption This submissions from John H., Janie and Joe M. Hopefully next time. Until then we bid you a fair adieu.

    And no Juana. You do not want to know what happened at band camp. Ever.

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