12 minutes to establish 1 Rep Max Power Clean


3 rounds for time of:

10 power cleans, 115/75

20 burpees



My intention was to link Nate Miyaki's article, "5 Holiday Diet Tips That Don't Suck" from TNation.com, but my computer isn't ready to cooperate.  I'm using my sons MAC Book and I'm a PC kind of guy.  I have not mastered the ways of using Typepad on a Mac so thus far I can only point you in the right direction as opposed to "taking you there".  


Check out Miyaki's article.  Like all of his articles, he gives excellent nutrition advice and this one is timely.  The highlight of this particular article, for me, is the fact that it's acceptable to eat a large meal at night as long as you didn't have large meals during the day.  Perfect since I don't have the time to eat large meals during the day, but like to at night! 



We like to believe most rules in the training environment are common sense.  We're not leaving it to chance.  This list is partial hence the title.  An expanded full color and text list with charts, graphs and cartoons will be posted in the near future.  For now wrap your head around these pearls of wisdom:

The area around any squat rack when the squat rack is in use is to be considered an area where your full awareness and an engaged brain is necessary.  Please exercise caution when moving around someone who is lifting.  Please don't stretch or "hang out" near the squat rack unless you have a purpose that doesn't include getting hit with a barbell.  When removing plates from a racked bar please remove the plates EQUALLY from each side.  Don't remove 200 lbs. from one side while leaving 200 lbs. on the other side as this may cause the weighted side to return to the Earth rapidly.  This rapid return to Earth of the one side of the bar makes the other side, the now weightless side, move upward just as rapidly.  The obvious result is a barbell that is now out of control, seeking out an unaware victim.  DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN…IT IS BAD!

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, DROP A BARBELL THAT IS EMPTY…ONE WITH NO PLATES ON IT.  In fact, do not drop a bar that has ONLY 10lb. plates on it.

Do NOT cross in front of or interfere with someone working out.  Be aware.  Don't cross in front of that swinging kettlebell.  This is BAD!

Help, encourage and cheer on the people working out.  Don't be shy.  Be supportive….and be AWARE!

Thank you!






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  1. Turducken Fan

    I believe it was Tony Robbins who said, “No barbell should ever be dropped.” In his book, How to Drink a Black Eye, Mr Robbins stated that the only time a Barbell should be dropped is in the deadlift. If the empty bar is your maximum deadlift, or even if there are 10 lb plates on each side, you have bigger problems. Outside of the deadlift the barbell should never be dropped.
    There are several important ways the barbell should touch the ground, which could never be confused with the buick skylark, err…rather dropping.
    1-You dump the barbell for safety. After all, your safety is paramount, and if you die there will be no one to sarcastically ridicule for dropping a bar with an insignificant amount of weight.
    2-You place the barbell back on the ground in the safest possible manner.
    3-This is the most important…Spiking the Barbell as hard as you can into the ground. This should be reserved for PR’s. To do this, let gravity start taking the bar down at 9.8 meters per second squared and then give Mr. Newton enough help via your spike to make every person in China spontaneously come 3 inches off the ground. Next do a huge celebratory dance wherein you flip off all your nay sayers, say goodbye to all your underlying psychiatric issues, and tell all the russians around the ring that you’ve seen a lot of changing. Just do this dance internally, dancing is for zumba not crossfit. Then put your bumpers back in such a way that they do not resemble Italian architecture. (No one likes a leaning tower)Remember everytime you pr and spike a barbell an angel gets its wings. Merry Christmas Tony Robbins.
    Your Welcome

  2. George

    Dear Mold,
    Explain to me what was nice about it. I’m so interested in you and your opinion.
    Better yet stay off my website. Don’t ever comment again. You are not welcome. Consider yourself banished forever.
    Good day sir.

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