CRUNCHES ARE BAD FOR YOU.  AND THIS EXACTLY WHY….  Besides the fact that this is an informative article I liked it even more because it contained this quote: “As I love to say, a real good front squat with a well braced midsection is an honest 6-minute ab miracle.”  This is something that Lisa and Jon Belmonte have been saying to me for years.

Lisa doesn’t do crunches!  She does hold the International Powerlifters Association Amateur Raw Women’s Bench Press World Record for the 45-49 year old division and has made it to the CrossFit Games Master Qualifier twice.

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    That’s Jon Belmonte.  Yeah I know you can’t see his abs, but what you can see, if you really want to, is Jon doing front squats, 5 sets of 5 reps with 350 lb. which he does on a regular basis.  When you can do that at a body weight of 200 lbs.  you have a strong core!  As a doctor of physical therapy at Max Effort Physical Therapy Jon gets “broken” athletes back into their sport or regular folks back into the gym or back to physical activities.  If he says front squats are a great ab workout we should believe him.   And yeah…he is getting more tattoos….we have yet to determine whether tattoos are good for abs.  They certainly aren’t hurting.



The 2016 CrossFit Liftoff is open for registration and the event itself takes place November 3rd to November 7th.  The event consists of obtaining a 1-rep max for the Clean & Jerk and Snatch then competing in a General Physical Preparedness (CrossFit workout) workout.  Unlike other CrossFit events this one has weight classes.  Registration is $10.00.  Registration enables you to enter your scores with CrossFit and see how you stack up against the other people in your weight division, around the world.  It also makes you eligible for the $3,000.00 worth of equipment from Rogue if you win any part of this event.  Whether you choose to register or not the Liftoff workouts will be the workout of the day on either November 4th or 5th.

Workout of the Day
7 minute EMOM: Power snatch & hang power snatch
Note: Load by feel

12 minute AMRAP:
3 snatches 135/95#
6 clean & jerks 135/95#
9 chest to bar pull-ups
54 double unders

Note:  Scale weight and movements as appropriate if you don’t plan on competing.  This is the GPP (general physical preparedness) workout from the 2015 Lift-Off.

3 sets of 10: AbWheel Roll-outs

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Jon B

    Thank You George!! If you could only do two exercises for the rest of your life to protect your back I would pick front squats and TGUs.

  2. lisa D

    thank you for the mention but since you bought it up and its crossit– every rep counts so does every effort , for this reason I must clarify because I worked superhard for it :
    I have made it to the masters qualifier more than that honey ..I only missed one year… 🙂 we spoke about this only a few weeks ago… just helping you remember 🙂

  3. Some guy names Troy

    You are a beast Madukes! And you set 3 world records that day! Not just benching….but squats and deadlifts too!! My inspiration everyday!! I love you!

    1. Some guy named Troy

      You are a beast Madukes! And you set 3 world records that day! Not just benching….but squats and deadlifts too!! My inspiration everyday!! I love you!

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