CROSSFIT SUFFOLK  **  Forging Elite Fitness

Three rounds for time of:
50 Jump rope, double unders
50 Good Mornings, 45#
50 Sit-ups

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Jeanette and Lisa did GREAT on their first CF Suffolk workout!


Before training with us one of our new athletes commented that they "get bored easily" when doing the typical workout.  We responded, "Good, so do I, you've come to the right place."  Fortunately, boredom isn't a problem with CrossFit workouts.  That the workouts are so varied does two things like no other method of training: Boredom is a non-factor and noticeable results are achieved very quickly.

We have the good fortune of both experienced athletes and trainers as well as people who have never worked out consistently or not in many years.  We have yet to see an athlete that is great at "everything".  This is a good thing.  It provides further incentive to train and fight the dreaded boredom.

We've noticed that there are people who enjoy working out to the same mundane routine time after time.  They don't get bored easily or perhaps no routine is boring to them.  That's fine.  They are just not the type of athlete to do CrossFit…….not initially anyway.  We attract athletes from various walks of life and various levels of physical conditioning who are looking for something a bit more challenging. A workout that is also mentally tougher to get through. 

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