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We used to be annoyed, but now we're just amused at the fact that every fitness magazine, every month, has a major article on developing ABS!  Virtually all the articles are rehashes of previous articles recommending crunches and the plethora of other "core" exercises.  I'm looking forward to the day that an Ab development article recommends mid-line stabilization work.  We know it's coming, but we also know it won't be soon enough and when it does arrive the typical fitness magazine reader won't want to bother with doing heavy overhead lifts, overhead squats, handstand pushups, deadlifts, olympic lifts and some of the other typical CrossFit fare.  We look forward to magazine articles recommending L-sits, glute/ ham developer situps and knees to elbows as well. Perhaps working the hip flexors will become fashionable.  We'd love to see this story on the cover of Men's Health: Secret to Great Abs: Work Hard to Improve Athletic Performance and Eat to Enhance Athletic Performance!  Wouldn't that be something!

Courtesy of CrossFit.com and Youtube:

YouTube – Crossfit What about abs?

With every workout of the day that involves an Olympic Lift since attending the CrossFit Olympic Lift certification I realize more and more how valuable that course was.  Two days with Coach Mike Burgener was money and time very well invested.  Efficiency in coaching the tehniques and performing the techniques have improved dramatically.

We were asked twice in the last week to comment on negative criticism of CrossFit.  One was based on the comments of a well respected strength coach and one was based on the comments of a coach who works with athletes as well as the law enforcement community.  To spare readers from the boring details, the bottom line is you cannot argue with results.  You cannot argue with success.  The people trained by the coaches in question probably cannot get through most CrossFit workouts, but CrossFitters can get through any of those coaches workouts.

We recently had an article published in the Illinois Tactical Officers Association magazine regarding how bad guys are taking the opportunity to assault cops while in the process of being handcuffed.  The article goes into great detail how bad guys are doing this, why it happens and how officers can respond.  Unfortunately there was another example of it last week and two NYPD cops were shot by a bad guy who grabbed the pistol of one of the officers.  Law enforcers need to stay in a constant state of training and learning.  There are treacherous people walking amongst us that are aware of the fact that their decisions will cause them to get the attention of the police and when that happens they have pre-planned what they will do not to go to jail.  Officers–Stay Strong, Stay Dangerous!

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