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The below link is from www.staleytraining.com  You've seen other information from Charles Staley here and will continue to because we like his philosophy of training.  We also recognize that he is a very experienced Olympic weightlifting coach, strength conditioning expert and effective communicator.  The below article is all about belief, attitude and self-limitation.  The information is relevant no matter what you do in life or how you train.

I Don't Want To Clean 315 Pounds

By Charles Staley

Do you think that motivation
is a fundamental issue when it comes to successful exercise
or athletic training programs? I don’t. In fact, I
KNOW it isn’t! How can I say this? Easily, often, without
hesitation, and with supreme confidence. Look: You
are exactly where you want to be right now.
already taken the steps necessary to achieve your station
in life, and not one bit more…

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