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Three rounds, 15-12- and 9 reps, for time of:
135 pound Thruster

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At best, we have 6 maybe 7 months where we can workout outside.  One of the many reasons to like CrossFit is that many of the workouts can be done almost anywhere. We take the work outdoors when we can.  We don't have mountains on Long Island, but we have plenty of parks, hills, beaches and tracks!


Two more from www.staleytraining.com  Although Mr. Staley is not affiliated with CrossFit, to the best of my knowledge, he may as well be describing CrossFitters when he characterizes athletes in the following articles:

You An Exerciser Or An Athlete – Part I – By Charles Staley

You An Exerciser Or An Athlete – Part II – By Charles Staley

Check out the link from the Daily Mail (in the UK) featuring photos and video of the Hungarian Olympic  lifter who "popped" his elbow during a lift.  Warning:  Not for the faint of heart!

PICTURE AND VIDEO SPECIAL: Weightlifter turns elbow back to front

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  1. Lee

    team workouts are great. Aside from the support we provided for each other we also get to learn from one another. These athletes all bring something to the table. No egos just a great desire to better ourselves.
    Good work guys! It was hot but you got thru that the workout. Once again it was inspiring to watch!

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