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Three rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 50 meters
Standing broad-jump, 100 meters
Run 200 meters

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Instruction: 50 meters in the facility is approximately 5 lengths (west wall to east wall), 100 meters is 10 lengths.  (50 meters=164 feet, 100 meters=328 feet)



Exercise Progressions For Bigger Pulls

Damn, My "Insert Anything Here" Hurts from Jim Smith of Diesel Crew.  If you haven't realized that a proper warm-up and post workout mobility/stretching drills are important yet–you will!  Embrace the warm-up and mobility drills now and function better into the future! 

Olympics-Weightlifting-Rivals Ponder Secret Of Chinese Success  Speaking of warm-ups."Andrew Charniga, an international weightlifting federation official, has watched the Chinese women train and suspects the secret could be in a long warm-up. While a long warm-up can exhaust men, it possibly has the opposite effect on women, allowing them to take on higher and higher loads."

We report, you decide!

Running Shoes Make Us Run The Risk Of Injury  Another article that makes the argument to go barefoot or get Vibram Five Fingers! 

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