CROSSFIT SUFFOLK   ***  Forging Elite Fitness

SPARTAN PERFORMANCE   ***  strength and Conditioning



Five rounds for time of:
Bear crawl 100 feet
Standing broad-jump, 100 feet

Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps. If you've got a twenty pound vest or body armor, wear it.

Slain Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton Mourned By Community And Colleagues from the Seattle Times, November 7th 2009


Matt hit a 255 lbs. thruster!


Rich with a 210 lbs. thruster! 



 3) Devil Dog:       185 lbs.

4) Scientist:         165 lbs.

5) Troy:               155 lbs.

6) George:            155 lbs.

7) Lee:                 140 lbs.

8) Tom:                135 lbs.

9) George V.:       135 lbs.

10) Mike G.          115 lbs.


Morphing From Blobby Bodybuilder To Bad Ass  Nice article!  We especially like it because, while it's never mentioned, there's an obvious influence by CrossFit in the strength/conditioning community and the bodybuilding community.  Seeing this on a website that isn't particularly fond of CrossFit is even better! 





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  1. Ana

    Great (lunch break) article George! It makes a whole lot of sense! So as you know me very well, I will share this article with a bunch of friends and hope that this will enlighten them in some way. But on another note, I can’t help but notice how Georges St Pierre very much resembles our Rich! 🙂 Looking forward to the bear crawls tonight!

  2. George

    Did you ever notice that Rich and Georges St. Pierre are never in the same room at the same time. Hmmmmm….maybe they are the same person!?!?!

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