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  1. Mike D

    So my workout for the day was
    Two sets of driveways 1 for 45 min, the second 1.5 hours only resting to drive from my hoiuse to my inlaws.
    After a short break and lunch.
    300 M(approx) run through knee deep snow carring 30 # child
    25 hill assents carring child. (sometime he let me ride down with him sometime I had to run because he wanted to go by himself)
    300 M run throough snow carrying child
    Hope to make it in tuesday or wednesday. see you all then.

  2. George

    I spent near 6 hours just doing my driveway…shoveling and snow blowing. The town plow drivers made sure my challenge was extra special…they blocked my driveway with nearly four feet of snow in an area roughly 10’x20′. No breaks…no food or water during my snow clearing.

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