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Complete as many rounds as you can in thirty minutes of:
Five pull-ups
Five ring dips
15 Sit-ups

Post rounds completed to comments.

After some of the workouts I often joke about "being old".  The reality is at 44 years old I've never felt stronger or had better stamina.  I'm lighter than I was 10 years ago and my joints feel better.  The only thing that age has changed is recovery time and the need to be more strict with what you eat.  Age should not be an excuse not to CrossFit. 

Someone I look up to in the CrossFit community…..Jacinto is one of the trainers from CrossFit NYC, "The Black Box" and is 69 years old!  Jacinto begins training athletes every day before the sun rises.


Jeff Tincher, 40, not only competes in the games, but does extremely well.  As you'll read below while he's not "old" he is beyond the age most professional athletes start to wind down or end there careers.  Jeff is a firefighter and has a very busy personal schedule yet he manages to be a top performer.  He doesn't make excuses.  He makes things happen.  I got to see Jeff perform a sub-3 minute "Fran" in Pittsburgh in November 2007.  Amazing!

From CrossFit.com:


Jeff Tincher finished 5th overall at the age of 39. He's a full time Fairfax County firefighter, one of the managers of CrossFit Fairfax, one of the traveling trainers for the CrossFit Level 1 certification seminars, and a father. What were you saying about not having time to train for the Games?

This video is an interview with Jeff after the Level 1 cert in Virginia Beach on August 10, 2008.
wmv] [mov] 4min 23sec

Read "Understanding CrossFit"! and then download the pdf.

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