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Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps


Fat Is The Regulating Nutritient For Body Composition, Not Protein "Carbohydrate is an unnecessary nutrient in the diet."–Anthony "Dream" Johnson

Flex Your Mental Muscle: Five Tricks To Help Your Brain Get Stronger   

A Few Words With Weightlifting Coach John Broz

Antonio Krastev holds the Snatch world record, set in 1987, 216kg (roughly 475 lbs.)  Krastev is spoken about in the above interview with Coach John Broz.


The video below is from 1992 and shows Krastev in real time as well as slow motion performing a 170 kg (approximately 375lbs.) snatch.  Notice Krastev's starting position…hips very low, back straight, chest up…not easily accomplished.



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