SPARTAN PERFORMANCE                                   CROSSFIT SUFFOLK

The 11:15am-12:15pm session is canceled for today.

Skill Development Extravaganza:

  We'll be working on the following exercises and possibly more not listed:

Handstand and Handstand Push-up

Double Unders

Ring Dips

Rope Climb

"L" Sits

Overhead Squat


Skill Develpment sessions are designed to focus on the technique and form of an exercise wihout having to be concerned with the clock.  We've all done workouts that left us saying, "I need to work on ……."  Now is your chance to do that work.  Skill Development sessions are designed to go over the fine details, the details that will make you more efficient at moving.  Efficient movement means better performances.

If you have a perfect CrossFit skill set or you would rather do a workout, BUT NOT work on any skills, don't worry, you'll be provided with a workout.—George



Eddie has been working on his bar muscle-up and on Tuesday he was successful for the first time!  Congratulations Eddie…that was an outstanding performance!  Nice to see hard work pay-off!IMG_6680


Why CrossFit Is Seducing More Women    “Women are finally catching on that they won’t bulk up if they do
CrossFit,” says Bender, now a coach at 212 CrossFit. “Bulking up has to
do more with your genetics and your diet.”
In a lot of ways, CrossFit takes the bootcamp craze to the next level. Women who sweat it out at Barry’s Bootcamp, Slim & Strong, and Training Camp, are curious to see if they can take their functional fitness to the next level. Maybe you’re one of them?"
—-Alexia Brue, Well and Good NYC  (Thanks to Meag for the heads-up on this article!) 

Speaking of Meag………



We won't be doing this……today! 


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  1. Lisa Demetriou

    Heres something you all should know..Eddie began working on his bar muscle up two weeks ago! he stuck to his drive to get it and he succeeded! Congrats kiddo you earned it!!

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